Aug 12, 2022
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Emin Agalarov spoke about the relationship with the president’s daughter


Singer Emin Agalarov revealed the secret of his personal life.

Relations between Emin Agalarov and the daughter of the President of Azerbaijan developed rapidly. They signed a year after they met, had children, but broke up after nine years of marriage. The singer recalls this period with warmth and assures that there were no misunderstandings between them.

Both Emin and Leyla were “born with a silver spoon in their mouth,” as they say. Both have influential parents, so it seemed that the couple came together either through the patronage of loved ones, or for their own benefit. However, Agalarov categorically denies these rumors.

We had a respectful, sincere relationship. They wrote that we had everything according to calculation – complete nonsense. Nobody expected anything, we fell in love with each other, tried to create a family, even created for a certain period”, says the 42-year-old businessman.

Emin Agalarov - photo from the archive -
Emin Agalarov – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Earlier, he confessed how happy he was when he learned that he and his lover would have twins. “I really wanted children, and from an early age, from the age of 18. And when I found out that I would have a child, moreover, not one, but two, and even boys, I began to jump and yell for joy. I swear! The doctor laughed at me, said: “Calm down.” I remember when they were born, I couldn’t tear myself away from my babies, I didn’t let go of the cradle‘, he recalled.

But this harmonious relationship ended in 2015. Agalarov personally announced this, emphasizing that there is no need to look for scandals in a divorce. “It is necessary to give each other a chance for personal happiness. It can be for both of us only under the condition of absolute freedom. If two people do not have a personal relationship, it is foolish to imitate family life, it is easier to get a divorce, maintain friendship, raise children”, Emin said on the Baku TV YouTube channel.

After a while, the former spouses managed to become friends. “I wanted our little children to grow up in peace and harmony between their parents, even if they are not together. Many years have passed, a warm feeling of true friendship has arisen, we are not just parents of our children, I can consult with Leila, she can call me, just talk. We remained a family, despite the fact that we are not husband and wife“, – added the artist.

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