Jun 15, 2022
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Emin Agalarov spoke about the popularity of Valery Meladze


Singer Emin Agalarov said that show business is now in decline.

In the light of the current situation, Valery Meladze rethought his activities and … wanted to return to science. The singer explained his decision by the fact that show business no longer attracts him, and he is unlikely to achieve his former success in music.

Emin Agalarov does not deny the fact that in the new reality, many artists no longer earn the same amount. The singer and part-time businessman himself suffers because of this. “Losses from the refusal of foreign artists to perform at our venues or the postponement of concerts, I would estimate at 30% of the total number of concerts. But the tours of Russian performers are spot on.

There is a lot of hate on social networks: they say, how can you put on a show at such a time. It is useless to plan a concert activity in such conditions.. “Crocus City Hall is closed for scheduled repairs from June 6 for the next three months”, — said 42-year-old Agalarov.

Valery Meladze - photo from the archive -
Valery Meladze – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

However, the performer believes that there are singers who are by no means subject to any crisis. For example, Valery Meladze, who has a huge number of fans. “There are times when, relatively speaking, they throw tomatoes and shout something from the audience. But in general, if you are an artist of the level of Valery Meladze, who for 30 years has created a whole library of hits, at your concerts in Tel Aviv or New York even now there will be a full house”, Emin confidently stated to RBC.

That’s just because of the experiences, Valery Shotaevich suspended his concert activities. “Reasoning led me to the idea of ​​returning to my former profession. After the institute, I graduated from graduate school and was engaged in science in the field of deep water purification. Recently, after leafing through my Ph.D. thesis and studying modern achievements in this field, I developed a device for extracting various elements of the periodic table from sea water.”, — 56-year-old Meladze was surprised by his statement.

The artist’s emotional decline also affects his colleagues. “Now Meladze’s career resembles a trace from a stone that has collapsed into dark water. Valera, who sang about love best of all, sits at home and says: “There is no work and, most likely, there will not be. I’m going back to my first job.” When I heard his voice on the phone, I almost burst into tears.”, – said Otar Kushanashvili in his show “What is it ?!” on YouTube.

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