Oct 12, 2020
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Emin Agalarov responded to Igor Krutoy’s accusations of deception

16:59, 12.10.2020

The artist said he was waiting for a public apology from the producer.

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Last Thursday Igor Krutoy became a guest of the YouTube show "Alena, Damn!", In which he spoke about the conflict with Emin Agalarov and Maxim Fadeev. His statement caused a resonance among representatives of the domestic show business. In an interview, the producer said that in the course of agreements on the creation of a unified music award in Russia five years ago, Agalarov and Fadeev went against him, since they allegedly did not like the fact that Krutoy would become the main one in this initiative.

"Fadeev said about me: what is he, godfather?" - Krutoy quoted the words of the producer, and Agalarov was completely accused of lying about him. “In my absence, Emin said that I allegedly took a half million dollars to organize the prize, which is an absolute lie,” Krutoy was indignant. Today Agalarov decided to answer the accusations of Igor Krutoy. According to him, he learned a lot of interesting details about himself from a man with whom he had been friends for more than 20 years.

Shot from the "New Wave" award last year

“It was unpleasant to hear his phrase that I slandered and deceived him, especially since he turned this situation into such a public plane and with such a substitution of facts that I simply cannot leave it all without comment,” Agalarov said and told about all the details history that happened five years ago, for its part. Emin explained that he was, along with other producers, as part of the organizers of the national award, since at that time he was in friendly and partnership relations with Grigory Leps and Sergey Kozhevnikov, and after the arrival Vladimir Kiselev towards management in RMG, they began to think about joint ideas.

“Then I immediately called Igor Krutoy and offered to unite. Then the first idea arose to create a Russian national music award. He agreed and immediately supported. While he was on vacation, we also had meetings with other significant producers, and a big cool team gathered. So it was from me that Igor Yakovlevich received the first invitation, and it was from him that I later received the first news that I was no longer needed in this team, ”Agalarov said.

Emin Agalarov with his son and Grigory Leps at the ZHARA Music Awards 2020

Emin also said that Igor Krutoy was not telling the truth about the budget allocated for the award. According to Agalarov, the producer had $ 1.5 million. “I voiced this at a general meeting with other producers and was sure that everyone should know about it, since we agreed to work transparently. Igor Krutoy was not there, as he was at the birth of his daughter. Later, in a telephone conversation, he expressed his dissatisfaction that the budget was not my business and that the amount was not $ 1.5 million, but $ 1 million. It turns out that he personally confirmed it to me by phone, and in an interview he said that there was no budget, "Emin explained to the Super edition.

After Agalarov found out the correct amount, he wrote a letter to all the participants in the meeting, which greatly offended Krutoy, because it was behind-the-scenes information that he did not want to disclose. He also explained that as a result of the outbreak of the conflict and his "expulsion" by Krutoy from the organization of the prize, Agalarov himself suffered financial losses, which no one ever reimbursed him. According to Agalarov, this whole situation subsequently prompted him to create his own holding "ZHARA", which included a TV channel, a radio station, a music festival, a prize and a label.

Emin Agalarov with children at the "Heat" award

Agalarov also believes that the entire organization of the award was initially ruined by Igor Krutoy, when he raised the issue of choice before everyone: either he or Emin and Maxim Fadeev. The artist added that his last telephone conversation with Igor Krutoy took place five years ago, in which he said that he treats the producer with great respect and is ready to listen to him and appreciates the relationship more than any projects.

“To which I was told quite rudely that I got into my own business and now let me be all alone in this (further obscene. - Prim. row.), as he put it then. After that he hung up, ”said Emin. The artist added that over the five years that he has been holding his own festival "ZHARA", the artist-participants periodically receive calls from Krutoy and even threats not to participate in the festival in Baku, otherwise they will not be on the "New Wave". Emin Agalarov emphasized that everything that Igor said about him certainly damaged his reputation, so he could not leave it without a response. “I will definitely wait for a public apology,” concluded Agalarov.

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