May 13, 2020
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Emin Agalarov divorces his second wife. He was credited with an affair with Ani Lorak

Azerbaijani and Russian singer Emin Agalarov divorces his wife, 30 - summer Alena Gavrilova, who is in 2004 year won the title of "Miss Mordovia." About the separation 32 - the summer singer reported on Instagram , accompanying the publication with a wedding photo.

- It was a really happy day in our lives! Unfortunately, not everything worked out as we planned, I am sincerely grateful to you for living together every day and, of course, for our wonderful daughter Athena! You are an incredibly kind, special person. The next most important stage in our life, of course, is the upbringing of our wonderful child, and we will succeed. We have gone through a lot together and I have a feeling of great respect and gratitude to you that I want to carry through my whole life, ”wrote Emin.

Agalarov is the organizer of the music festival" Heat ", which every summer passes in Baku. He was married twice: 14 April 2006 legalized relations with Leyla Ilham kizi Aliyeva, daughter of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev. The wedding was celebrated twice: in Baku and Moscow, the couple was congratulated by Russian President Vladimir Putin and then US President George W. Bush.

Two years later, the couple gave birth to twins Mikail and Ali. After a while, Emin left for Moscow, and Leila with her children went to London. The couple could not keep love at a distance, 14 on May 2015 years, the couple reported a divorce: "We remain friends." Emin takes care of the children and even communicates with them with Leila’s adopted daughter - Amina Aliyeva.

- For many, in Azerbaijan, it is no secret that my marriage with Emin in recent years has been formal. We have long been living separately, in different cities. It's time to officially file our divorce, which we did. “We remain friends,” said Leila.

In December 2016, Agalarov appeared in public with Alena Gavrilova. Their relationship began in July of that year. The model has a son, Rustan, who grows up from previous relationships with 41, the summer Russian businessman Ruslan Tariko, owner of the Russian Standard holding.

July 2018 of the year Emin and Alena got married. The couple had a daughter, Athena. However, in December 2019 of the year, Agalarov was credited with an affair with 40 - the summer Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak. Fans were alerted by a photo where the stars held hands. Rumors warmed up and a joint video of Lorak and Agalorov "Goodbye." Stars gossip about relationships ignored. Meanwhile, fans suspect that Ani Lorak also has a relationship with Russian singer Sergei Lazarev. The artist calls Lazarev a friend and appears in his company at social events.


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