Apr 19, 2021
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Emaciated Christina Bale spotted on the set of “Thor 4”

The famous Hollywood actor Christina Bale lost a lot of weight especially for filming the newly minted part of the superhero saga Thor 4: Love and Thunder. The paparazzi spotted him on vacation along with his surname in Australia.

Emaciated Christina Bale spotted on the set of

He was on the beach in Palm Beach, where the fourth part of the film is being filmed.

However, few beach visitors found out a popular artist in the bald and emaciated uncle, because he looked like a person who suffers from some kind of major ailment. Therefore, many of Bale’s fans were afraid for his health.

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Other commentators urged not to worry about Christian, as if he were a master of reincarnation. After all, Bale was not the only one arguing that he portrays almost the most important in this matter. What is his weight gain especially for the movie “Batman, where the actor played the main role, as well as shrill weight loss utilitarian to the state of anorexia for the role in the movie” The Machinist “.

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