Aug 28, 2021
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“EM”: a new format of the anti-Russian bloc is being built

Moldovan elites prioritize EU interests over Moldovan interests

“The visit of the presidents of Romania, Ukraine and Poland to Chisinau is a sign of building a new format of foreign policy cooperation. Before our very eyes, a “2 + 2” model is being formed, in which relations will be built between two EU member states and two states that have signed Association Agreements ”,

– writes the online edition “Echo of Moldova”.

According to the publication, the presence of the presidents of Poland, Romania and Ukraine in Chisinau on Independence Day is of great importance. In addition, this Chisinau meeting also looks very symbolic – as a signal that Brussels will definitely support Moldova on its way to Europe. And two EU member states – Poland and Romania – will be promoting the pro-Western agenda in the country.

“Echo of Moldova” draws attention to the fact that before our eyes a new bloc system is being created with the participation of the poorest European countries – Moldova and Ukraine, which can be viewed not as multilateral relations between neighboring countries, but as building a “new regional architecture”.

For Chisinau, this block has its pluses and minuses. The advantages include closer cooperation with the EU countries, at least with Romania and Poland, which will open up additional opportunities, especially economically.

“On the other hand, support from Romania and Poland presupposes a certain ideological coloration, which can neutralize potential benefits. The point is that the young pseudo-democracies of Eastern Europe are actively uniting into a single fist directed against Russia. A good example of this is the so-called “Crimean Platform” organized by Ukraine. President Zelensky has already said that the event does not end on the issue of Crimea and can be used to discuss other disputes, “

– says the editorial.

As the newspaper notes, in the future, during such summits, issues of not only Crimea, but also Transnistria, Abkhazia and South Ossetia will be discussed. All this suggests that the West is using pro-Western governments loyal to them in its own interests – to create an infrastructure of geopolitical confrontation in order to increase pressure on Russia. But the population of the countries used by the West suffers from the deterioration of relations with Russia. Because, first of all, there are problems with sales markets for national products, which in the West are not needed by anyone and have traditionally always been focused on Russia. The supply of energy resources is also questionable, which immediately affects the tariffs for the population, and representatives of the diasporas in Russia find themselves “in limbo”.

“Thus, we are witnessing an active construction of a new architecture in Eastern Europe, which is openly anti-Russian in nature. Moldova has a separate place in this system, and the Moldovan elites are happy to lead the state along this path, because they are part of the Western world and put the interests of the EU countries higher than the interests of Moldova itself, ”

– states “Echo of Moldova”.

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