Feb 17, 2021
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Elsa Hosk spoke about childbirth: “This is the worst pain I have ever experienced”

Elsa Hosk spoke about childbirth: "This is the worst pain I have ever experienced"

Elsa Hosk with her daughter

Last week, 32-year-old Swedish model Elsa Hosk and her boyfriend Tom Daley became parents for the first time – the couple had a daughter, whom they named after her grandmothers Tuulikki Joan. A few days after the baby was born, Elsa wrote an essay about childbirth and shared their details.

Hosk said that at the beginning of her pregnancy, she watched the documentary “Childbirth as a Business”, which opened her eyes to a lot. As a result, in the seventh month of pregnancy, she and her lover moved from New York to Los Angeles. The star did not want to look for a new hospital to monitor the pregnancy, but instead began looking for a midwife, doula and a hypnosis specialist. Hosk decided to give birth at home in the water.

Tom Daley and Elsa Hosk
Tom Daley and Elsa Hosk

Her labor began a few days before the expected date. At first she felt light contractions that lasted for two days. Because of them, she constantly woke up and almost did not sleep for two nights. Then they became more frequent, and the couple called the doula.

She was with us all night and all day and did various exercises with me to try to induce labor again. We walked in the garden, practiced yoga poses, tried expressing breast milk. I was exhausted, but we didn’t want to spend another night without sleep and without a baby, because I desperately needed energy to push,

– she said.

Elsa Hosk

In the end, they had to call an acupuncturist to speed up the contractions and induce labor. After that, her water broke.

The cervix began to expand. The pain was intense and the only relief I could think of was a warm shower

– shared the model.

Elsa remained in the shower, since only there she could endure contractions.

I breathe and try to stay calm, as our hypnorod trainer taught me, and finally I am led to the maternity pool. I know that usually the birthing pool is the final stage of labor and this is where I have my baby. The contractions at that moment were the strongest, but I imagined that each time my child was getting closer to me. I thought that the baby’s head was almost there, but the midwife’s assistant said that there was still 0.5 centimeters left. I had to go to the toilet to try to breathe and push harder. This is the most painful moment, but I remember that I was so grateful for these techniques and was ready to try something natural in order to have a baby sooner. I had the feeling that he would never leave me. I started to wonder if I could do it

She recalled.

Elsa Hosk

Birth is really a confrontation with yourself, your fears and doubts. This is the worst pain, fear and darkness I’ve ever experienced

– noted Elsa.

Then she was advised to lie on the bed and take a different position. Several more hours passed before the couple’s daughter was born. When the girl’s head appeared, Elsa was shown her in the mirror to motivate her to push further: the model was very exhausted. It really worked and gave her a strength she never had before.

I feel more relieved than ever. I feel like it’s over

– she said.

Elsa Hosk

Despite all the suffering, Hosk says that as soon as the baby was placed on her chest, she immediately forgot the pain she experienced.

She came into this world with the sun at 7 in the morning, and the room turned from a dark horror movie to sunshine filled with dreams,

– concluded the star.

Hosk said that her boyfriend, who was present at the birth, cut the umbilical cord. Now she enjoys motherhood and looks at all mothers with admiration and respect.

Elsa Hosk and Tom Daly with their daughter

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