Oct 12, 2021
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Elizaveta Peskova spoke about the relationship with Tatyana Navka


The 23-year-old daughter of the presidential press secretary, Elizaveta Peskova, opened up to her fans on Instagram.

Elizaveta Peskova admitted that for many years she had been in a rather difficult, tense relationship with her stepmother Tatyana Navka. The daughter of Dmitry Peskov shared on Instagram a frame in which the Olympic champion hugged her at a party. “Do you have a good relationship with Tatiana Navka?“- asked the fan. “After years of battles and ice battles – yes“- Elizabeth answered with humor. By the way, she also made friends with Sasha – Tatyana’s daughter from Alexander Zhulin. Step sisters go to parties and travel to resorts together.

Elizabeth also frankly answered the question of how the divorce of her parents affected her life. “How did you get through the divorce, because it is such a trauma for children?“- asked the subscribers.

Elizaveta Peskova and Tatyana Navka Elizaveta Peskova with her parents
Elizaveta Peskova and Tatyana Navka Elizaveta Peskova with her parents

Through the long-term building of good relationships with each of the family members. And we have it big. Years, experience, growing up. In general, I only realized at 18 that they had divorced. Before that, she lived in a boarding school and another city with her life.“, – Elizabeth honestly admitted.

Elizabeth also showed a rare photo with her parents. Mom lives in France and rarely sees her daughter. “I grew up in a boarding school: first in Moscow, then in a village in Normandy. It was during this period that my parents divorced. From 16-17 I don’t live with my parents. I got a young man quite early. Now we see the whole family on Sundays, sometimes with dad on weekdays. With mom and brother rarely, I really miss them“, – she explained.

When asked why she would not show her beloved man in any way, Elizabeth replied: “I have always been attracted and fascinated by men who have no insta and who do not like publicity.“.

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