Sep 9, 2022
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Elizabeth II after her death on the throne was replaced by the eldest son under the name of Charles III


Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain died yesterday. Now Prince Charles will take over her duties.

The new king of Great Britain, Charles, has chosen the throne name of Charles III (Charles III), said Prime Minister Liz Truss. The place of Elizabeth II was taken by her eldest son Charles, who will turn 74 this year. The ceremony to proclaim the prince king will take place at St. James’s Palace in London. According to sources, Charles III will officially take power on Friday.

Many generations of citizens of the United Kingdom have grown up knowing that since 1952 the daughter of George VI has been on the throne – a model of intelligence, restraint and style. Over the years of her reign, members of the royal family have become planetary pop stars: tabloids around the world cover the latest antics of Prince Harry and the impeccable style of Prince William’s wife, the Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge, Catherine.

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain
Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain

The new king of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was the son of Elizabeth Charles, who was in the status of a prince for an unprecedentedly long time. The inauguration ceremony is scheduled for September 10, now officially the king will be called Charles III, or Charles III.

Prince Charles
Prince Charles

Karl is a traditional name for European monarchies, which came from the North Germanic languages ​​\u200b\u200band meant “free man”. Depending on the language, it adapted to its phonetics. In England it turned into Charles, in France – into Charles, in Spain – into Carlos, in Italy – into Carlo, in Poland – into Karol, etc.
In the history of Europe there were many kings with this name, for example, only in France – ten. If Charles III comes from the Windsor dynasty, then the previous two British Charles (Charles) are from the Stuarts.

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