May 15, 2020
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Elena Zelenskaya worries about bruises under her eyes and an unsuccessful hairstyle

The wife of the Ukrainian president, Elena Zelenskaya, became the heroine of the digital project of the clothing rental service Oh My Look !, dedicated to reasonable consumption. Famous women give their dress to the service, which can then be rented. Zelenskaya chose an outfit from the Ukrainian brand Dafna May, in which in August 2019 she met with the wife of Israeli Prime Minister Sarah Netanyahu. In an interview published on the site , the first lady told how she spends time in quarantine, about her wardrobe and attitude to female beauty.

About personal quarantine, which began a year ago

Honestly, my life has not changed much with the advent of quarantine. Or even so: my personal quarantine began much earlier - almost a year ago. When, for obvious reasons, the rules of everyday life have changed dramatically.

I can no longer make spontaneous trips, just go to a restaurant or a concert. All these actions are associated with a large number of restrictions and inconveniences for me and others. Therefore, most often, I refuse them.

Now, of course, almost all of the work activity has gone online, but these are new skills and useful experience. But I see more children who are always at home. I watch how they learn and behave in the classroom, how they interact with teachers and classmates. I hope that we all quarantine with warmer feelings for each other. After separation, the relationship is updated.

About Grandma's Gift

When I was about twelve, my grandmother gave me the first watch. They were small and not new at all, but I liked the scary! This was my first “adult” accessory. Perhaps that is why for many years I loved to wear watches. What symbolic things would I like to present to my daughter and son? Perhaps the dishes that have been used for family holidays for many years ... But in general, the most important thing that we can pass on to our children is the memories of happy events experienced together.

On the choice of clothes

In choosing clothes, the main criteria for me have always been convenience and practicality. I mainly buy basic wardrobe items that are indispensable. What I’m always ready to wear is sneakers. Constantly. If the fashion for combining dresses with sports shoes persists, I will be happy.

Frankly, I used the rental services: I myself took clothes for special events. For me it was just a salvation! And in my current situation, when I can’t always repeat the same images - if there is such an opportunity, I try to use it.

About female beauty

To be as you are, “without retouching,” requires courage and inner harmony from a woman. Recognizing yourself as not perfect, but beautiful is not always easy.

I really like the Japanese approach to beauty. They value imperfection. A rose cannot have perfectly symmetrical petals. A person’s face, body, movements are never perfect. Therefore, I want us to learn to appreciate our differences.

I work on myself. It’s not always possible to let go of the situation and not worry about bruises under the eyes or an unsuccessful hairstyle, especially when you are carefully examined. Maybe someday I will succeed. In the meantime, I strive for this and greatly respect those who already have the courage to open themselves to the world one hundred percent!

On three key skills in the modern world

The first - it is very important to understand yourself and what you really want.

The second is to be flexible. It is not the strongest or the smartest that survives, but the one who knows how to adapt to change better than anyone else. Change is a new opportunity.

And the third is always to learn. To everything. Constantly. It certainly will never be redundant.


Oh My Look! - a service for the rental of branded dresses, launched in by Leroy Borodina. In addition to Ukraine, showrooms are open in Russia and Kazakhstan. The dress is rented for two days. Dry cleaning is included. Many celebrities use this service - Vera Brezhneva, Nadia Dorofeeva, Jamala.


Zelenskaya put on the dress of the Ukrainian brand, which was glorified by Maryna Poroshenko

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