Nov 1, 2021
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Elena Yakovleva surprised with a young view of the photo from the filming of a new film


60-year-old actress Elena Yakovleva is filming a new film called “The Lady with the Dog”. On the footage from the filming, the artist looks pretty rejuvenated and prettier.

Elena Yakovleva shared pictures from fans’ social networks, in which she looks incredibly prettier and rejuvenated. At first, you might think that the photo was taken a long time ago. But this is footage from the actress’s shoot, taken on October 31, 2021.

Elena Yakovleva poses with a dog, and the film in which she plays is called “The Lady with the Dog”. The fans were amazed: how the actress manages to look in such a way that it is impossible to understand her age.

Elena Yakovleva
Elena Yakovleva

The secret of the actress is simple: she prefers an active lifestyle, tries to think positively and monitor nutrition. Earlier, in her younger years, she ate everything and did not get better. The tendency to be overweight appeared closer to fifty. Extra pounds began to appear literally out of nowhere. The situation is familiar to many women.

Apparently, due to natural changes in the female body. And you seem to eat exactly the same way as before, and the skirt begins to crack at the seams. I didn’t go on any diets, I just started eating less. This is the simplest and most effective diet: shut your mouth and not get too full“, – said the actress in an interview with” 7 Days “.

Elena Yakovleva
Elena Yakovleva

And, of course, not only a slim figure is important, but also the condition of the skin. Elena Yakovleva did not wait for any serious changes in the oval of the face. She admits that she has already done “plastic surgery” several times.

Yakovleva said that she twice went under the surgeon’s knife to remove bags under the eyes and for a circular facelift. The actress said that she chose a doctor who operated on Lyudmila Gurchenko in Soviet times. True, he only slightly corrected the face of the people’s artist Elena Yakovleva.

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