Aug 6, 2022
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Elena Vorobey left her lover because of different financial status


Actress Elena Vorobey no longer wants a man to live at her expense.

The 55-year-old comedian, in the recent past, was going to marry a man named Sergey. Elena Sparrow admitted that she broke up with a man because of a different social status.

The star met Sergey during the tour. He is three years younger than her. The couple had a lot in common, they started dating. Elena was even going to marry a fan. However, the impetuous stormy romance did not bring Sparrow to the altar. “I was given in marriage, I read to myself like fantastic literature, I thought: “Oh God, why?”. It upset me and the person I was with. We parted, I made a decision“, – said Elena.

The Full House actress admitted that she wanted to find female happiness and followed a variety of advice – she arranged walks under the moon, did meditation, switched to proper nutrition and gave up alcohol. In Sergey, she saw a possible life partner, but then she realized that a man was not an end in itself for her. “Waiting for someone to walk you is wrong, and I decided to take my own vacation“, – said Sparrow.

The comedian realized that she and Sergei are different people and do not fit together. Sergei is a simple civil servant, he cannot afford the standard of living that Elena is used to. For example, a man could not break loose and fly with her on vacation when she had breaks in her work schedule.

Elena Vorobey - photo from the archive -
Elena Vorobey – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

We must try to make sure that both are approximately the same level of security. It’s hard to rest, fly alone, and to carry a man at your own expense is not good, it’s wrong. I listened to several lectures by a psychologist to understand what the main mistake was. When something suddenly fails, there is no need to artificially restrain these relationships.”, — quotes “Antenna” Sparrow.

At the same time, the actress noted that she does not need expensive gifts from men. Above all, she appreciates love and care. The star is sure that many couples break up because women are ready to work on relationships, and men consider this a whim.

The telediva does not lose hope that she will still find her female happiness. Elena does not regret her marriages and romances, because each of them, at least for a moment, gave her joy and love. “I always have a simple conclusion: trust your heart. If I like a person, if I am interested in him, okay, let me be deceived again, but the period that we are together will be a time of falling in love. What’s bad about it?“- added the Honored Artist of Russia.

Elena Vorobey was married three times. With her last husband, actor Andrei Kislyuk, she lived for 10 years. The star has a 19-year-old daughter Sofia from a relationship with businessman Igor Konstantinovich. At the time of the affair, the man had a wife and children. He later divorced, but never married a star girlfriend. The man died of a fractured skull after falling down the stairs.

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