Apr 18, 2021
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Elena Vaenga revealed her real name


Singer Elena Vaenga showed her passport.

The artist does not fit into the standards of modern show business, as she previously talked about in the program “The Fate of a Man”. She makes no attempt to please viewers and colleagues, living the way she likes and wants. Perhaps this is why fans appreciate her.

Recently, the artist honestly named her weight – 88 kg. And now, having shown a photo of her passport on her personal blog, she also made public her date of birth and real name. It turned out that the star was born on 01/27/1977 and is a citizen of Khruleva, born in Severomorsk.

Elena Vaenga showed her passport
Elena Vaenga showed her passport

Once upon a time, Elena’s hometown was a village called Vaenga, in honor of which the artist took a pseudonym. She recently visited her homeland, from where she brought several branches of pussy willow. The singer plans to plant it in her garden in memory of the places dear to her heart. Recall that the celebrity lives in St. Petersburg.

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