Sep 21, 2022
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Elena Vaenga published a rare snapshot of a young husband, accompanied by a strange caption


Singer Elena Vaenga does not advertise her personal life.

Elena Vaenga pleased her fans with a rare picture of her young husband. The artist put her beloved in white clothes. The singer is absolutely happy with musician Roman Sadyrbaev, who is six years younger than her. True, the signature under the bright frame alarmed the people.

The vocalist captured her husband on a yacht during the holidays. The performer combines her vacation in Crimea with concerts. The novel was captured in a white tunic and with a scarf on his head. In such an unusual form, Sadyrbaev looked like a sheikh. However, the fans were surprised not by the sudden image of a man, but by Elena’s signature for publication.

Roman Sadyrbaev
Roman Sadyrbaev

Novel. I’m leaving home!”Vaenga announced without any explanation.

Alarmed fans tried to find out from Vaenga what this means. But she didn’t answer questions.

Recall that in 2016 Elena Vaenga found female happiness in the arms of musician Roman Sadyrbaev. The singer married her beloved, having survived a break with producer Ivan Matvienko. For several years, Elena secretly lived with Roman without a stamp in her passport. Therefore, when in 2012 it became known about the singer’s pregnancy, everyone was very surprised and began to wonder who the father of the unborn baby was.

Elena Vaenga with her husband
Elena Vaenga with her husband

The identity of her beloved Vaeng categorically refused to disclose. The secret became clear after the birth of Vanya’s son. As the performer later said, she met Sadyrbaev in public transport. In the relationship of a creative couple, an idyll reigns to this day. Spouses enjoy feelings for each other.

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