Feb 18, 2021
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Elena Vaenga praised her 8-year-old son’s piano playing

05:53, 18.02.2021

The singer showed how she makes music with a boy.

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In 2012 44-year-old Elena Vaenga gave birth to a son from a member of her team Roman Sadyrbaeva… The boy was named Ivan. Earlier, the artist complained that because of the tour she could not pay enough attention to her son, however, during the period of self-isolation, the situation improved. Due to the significant reduction in the number of concerts, Vaenga has the opportunity to spend more time with his family. So, the 8-year-old began to appear more often on the singer’s Instagram microblogging Ivan

Elena’s son is engaged in music – the boy plays the piano. It is interesting that Vaenga herself is teaching the child. Moreover, it is worth noting that the teacher from the star came out quite strict. Judging by the boy’s expression on the videos from home lessons, Ivan doesn’t always want to study with his mother. However, today the artist still noted the success of her son. In his microblog on Instagram, the star praised the offspring. “I admit … … well done son ….” – written by the artist (spelling and punctuation of the author are given without changes. – Ed.). By the way, last summer Vaenga confessedthat teaching a child on your own is not easy.

Elena Vaenga showed a video in which she teaches her 8-year-old son to play the piano

We add that Ivan is a long-awaited child. Vaenga literally begged God for her son. Earlier, the Star told about her trip to the Diveyevo Monastery. Initially, the singer planned to pray for her sister Tatyana, who fell ill with cancer. Having asked for health for her relative, Elena also turned to higher powers with a request to send her a husband and a child. “I asked God to give me a kind and hard-working husband, let him come to me even on the bus!” Interestingly, just four hours later, the singer actually met the future father of her son in public transport.

Vaenga already knew her current lover. Roman works in Elena’s musical group. The statement of the singer that God had sent him for her, Sadyrbaev did not take seriously. However, in 2016, the drummer became the star’s first official husband. We will remind that earlier Vaenga lived in a civil marriage with Ivan Matvienko. The former lover played an important role in Elena’s life. It was Ivan who believed in the singer’s talent, provided her with the opportunity to study, and also produced. The artist still treats the ex-chosen one warmly, but the couple had to separate due to their inability to have common children.

Elena Vaenga with her son

Recall that Elena began her career as a teenager. For the first time, the artist went on tour at the age of 19. In the late 90s and early 2000s, Vaenga’s songs won several awards. In 2008, the star presented her solo program to the Moscow public for the first time. Elena has always devoted a lot of time and energy to her career – since the late 2000s, the star even began to celebrate her birthday on the stage of the Oktyabrsky Big Concert Hall in St. Petersburg. However, the coronavirus pandemic has forced Vaenga to reconsider his priorities.

Elena was able to find her advantages in the absence of concerts during the period of self-isolation. Quarantine helped the singer realize that she should spend less time at work. According to the star, her schedule used to include 10-12 concerts a month. The artist noted that there are things in life that are more important than touring, especially at her age. Vaenga also added that after the epidemic she is not going to perform as much as before.

Elena Vaenga with her husband Roman

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