Jan 11, 2022
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Elena Proklova was in intensive care with a stroke


According to media reports, 68-year-old actress Elena Proklova is in the clinic with a moderate stroke.

According to the source, Elena Igorevna herself came to the hospital, complaining of severe dizziness and high blood pressure. She urgently underwent an MRI of the brain, which showed that the actress had a stroke.

On January 10, the honored artist was transferred to intensive care. Doctors assessed her condition as moderate. The actress does not answer calls, her phone is unavailable. Celebrity officials have been silent for now.

Elena Proklova
Elena Proklova

In 2021, Elena Proklova was noted for a loud scandal. During an interview with Lera Kudryavtseva, she spoke about the harassment of a famous actor. The celebrity noted that at that time she was underage and could not resist.

Comparing the facts, fans and journalists came to the conclusion that it was … Oleg Tabakov. At that time, he was just filming with the actress and, according to rumors, was in love with a young star. Proklova herself did not confirm, but did not deny this information either.

Elena Igorevna’s revelations found a wide resonance in society. This situation is still discussed in the theatrical world and the media. Many believe that she put to shame the good name of Oleg Pavlovich, while others say that it is impossible to remain silent about this.

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