Nov 24, 2021
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Elena Proklova spoke about the state of Svetlana Svetlichnaya


68-year-old actress Elena Proklova believes that Svetlana Svetlichnaya confused reality and role.

Proklova is convinced that the 81-year-old colleague did not run away from home because of a quarrel with relatives. Elena believes that Svetlana Afanasyevna is striving in all possible ways to attract attention to herself.

Svetlichnaya has been acting in films since 1959, the actress has played in more than 40 films and TV series, but there are no leading roles in her track record. She most often portrayed beautiful girls or relatives of the main characters. Proklova believes that inside the actress there is a great passion for cinema, she dreamed of playing deep dramatic roles, which is reflected in her everyday behavior. The lack of demand in real life has grown into an imaginary one.

It seems to me that she has accumulated acting loneliness. She did not finish the roles. And all that happens is a role. This is not to say that she plays – she feels this way“, – said Elena on the air of the talk show” Let them talk. “

Svetlana Svetlichnaya
Svetlana Svetlichnaya

At the end of October, it became known about the disappearance of Svetlana Afanasyevna. The actress did not get in touch for five days, her family had to go to the police. Volunteers of the Liza Alert movement were also involved in the search. Later it turned out that Svetlichnaya took part in the filming of Andrei Malakhov’s show and did not know that her relatives were looking for her.

The movie star explained that she left home because she did not want to live there. The artist told stories about the attack, the persecution, about how her loved ones bully her. Relatives of Svetlichnaya denied all this. The granddaughter of the actress said that in the past 20 years, the star has been experiencing deviations in perception.

While being interrogated by the Investigative Committee, Svetlichnaya did not fully realize where she was. The actress demanded flowers and a special shoot. Svetlana Afanasyevna confused the interrogation with the Malakhov show.

Proklova compared herself to Svetlichnaya, noting that her conflict with her family occurred at an age when she could reason reasonably. The actress realized her mistake in time and corrected the situation.

Elena noted that she could not condemn the relatives of Svetlichnaya, who have been caring for the artist for a long time. Proklova wished her loved ones to reach a truce with her, but believes that a lot depends on Svetlana Afanasyevna. She needs to step over her pride. Proklova said that during the transitional age of her daughter it was difficult for her to find an approach to the child, but she did everything to get closer.

Svetlichnaya is now undergoing treatment in the intensive care unit. Relatives do not visit Svetlana Afanasyevna. The daughter-in-law admitted that after the incident she did not feel the desire to communicate with her mother-in-law.

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