Jan 14, 2022
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Elena Proklova scared her appearance before a stroke


Colleagues of actress Elena Proklova spoke about her well-being.

The artist got in touch the day before and said that doctors are gradually taking her out of a critical condition. The actress was hospitalized due to a stroke. At the moment, she suffers from dizziness and malaise, but the disease did not affect her mental or physical abilities.

For the first time, Proklova became ill during a tour in the northern capital. The actress was able to play the performance, but after a bow she went backstage and asked for help. Elena Igorevna frightened her colleagues with her appearance: she looked pale and very tired.

Elena Proklova
Elena Proklova

No one could even think that everything is so bad. But in the end, an ambulance was called to her directly to the theater”, — said the colleagues of Proklova KP.

Doctors assisted the actress, but she refused hospitalization. After returning home, her condition began to worsen. The ambulance team that came to the call took Proklova to the hospital, where, after an MRI, she was diagnosed with a stroke.

There have been suggestions in the media that Proklova’s stroke may be associated with harassment due to the actress’s confessions about the harassment of Oleg Tabakov. But it is possible that everything happened due to complications after covid. Last summer, a movie star contracted a coronavirus infection, after which it took a long time to recover.

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