Jun 17, 2022
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Elena Proklova is horrified by her pension


Actress Elena Proklova complained about her miserable pension.

Not so long ago, Regina Dubovitskaya complained about a pension of 16 thousand rubles. The host of the “Full House” throughout the country said that this amount is not enough for her to adequately meet her old age. Elena Proklova joined the artist and also spoke on the subject of benefits from the state.

Elena Proklova, like Regina Dubovitskaya, believes that she receives too little pension. True, the actress has a bonus for titles, but the host of the “Full House” has no additional payments.

We all have small pensions. I have 18 thousand rubles. But I got lucky. Plus – I do not stop working, I have performances, shooting. I get money with which I can afford to live the way I want. Of course, most pensioners do not have such an opportunity.“, – admitted the 68-year-old movie star

Elena Proklova - photo from the archive -
Elena Proklova – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

In addition to filming movies and entreprise, Elena Igorevna participates in various shows. Somewhere he talks about his stellar life, and somewhere he acts as an expert. “It seems to me that a pension in Russia should be equal to the minimum wage that you receive when you work. In my opinion, this is fair. A person should continue and retire to live the way he used to! 70 thousand rubles a month would be enough for me” she added.

As for the vacation, while the actress does not think about it. But at the beginning of the year she suffered a stroke! Proklova continues to recover and monitor her well-being so that in the future she will not end up in a hospital bed again.

“FROMhealth, thank God, in order, the brains also remained in shape, I remember all my roles and monologues. The motor ability was not affected, so I walk normally. Back to work, I’ll catch up”, — Elena Igorevna shared in March.

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