Apr 29, 2021
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Elena Proklova: I lost my mind due to a fracture of the tailbone

The famous Russian actress Elena Proklova said that she had two tailbone fractures. After one of them, she even lost her mind.

Elena Proklova: I lost my mind due to a fracture of the tailbone

The case happened to her during the New Year holidays. The artist seriously suffered, riding down the ice slide with her friends.

Proklova said that her eyelid was flooding an ice slide and along her eyelids there were glasses of strong drinks. Elena added that in their brotherhood she is one who does not drink. The artist does not know that it turned out so much that she was lifted and slapped with her coccyx on the ice, after which she lost her mind.

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Elena’s friends immediately demanded a reanimobile and the doctors put a blockade on her at the fracture site. On the following day, Proklova was able to play the performance, allying in the intermission she was again blockaded. For her, it was another tailbone fracture, and the initial one happened during her performance on stage.

Elena added that it was the play “Tartuffe” in Krasnoyarsk. Her partner Vladislav Lyubshin was supposed to put her heroine Elvira on the hollow. And he did it so much that her tailbone broke, the pain was terrible. After such a fracture, she flew home in an airplane on an inflatable world.

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