Aug 10, 2022
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Elena Proklova expressed her position on the scandal with Sofia Rotaru


Actress Elena Proklova told her position.

The 75-year-old singer tries not to burn bridges with our country. 68-year-old Elena Proklova stood up for Sofia Rotaru.

The pop star in recent years rarely performs, gives interviews and gets in touch with fans. At the end of February, Sofia Rotaru announced that she was in Kyiv and was praying for peace in Ukraine. “It’s tearing my heart apart“, – said Rotaru.

On August 7, on the day of her 75th birthday, the singer posed on the porch of her home in Marshintsy. “Arrived at the place of power! Here I was born, grew up, went to school. This is where I started singing. Native Marshinites reminded me how important it is not to lose the sense of belonging to your Earth, to feel connected with those who gave you life, raised you and supported you in your endeavors“, – said the artist.

The singer asked her fans to help a charitable foundation that supports the wives and children of military personnel. “A slightly unusual role for me, I’m not used to helping “in public”, it’s even harder for me to ask for help”, – admitted the performer of the hit “I will name the planet by your name”.

Alena Proklova - photo from the archive -
Alena Proklova – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Rotaru said that she refused magnificent celebrations, because now is not the time to celebrate the anniversary. At the same time, the star refrained from harsh language against Russia. Because of this, the artist has even been condemned in her native country, where they demand that she take more

Elena Proklova explained why the singer tries to remain neutral and does not fence herself off from the Russians. Still, the vast majority of Sofia Mikhailovna’s hits are in Russian. She built a phenomenal career in Russia and successfully toured our cities.

I do not undertake to condemn her, I generally try not to condemn anyone in this situation. Ukraine is her country, but she does not say anything bad about us, about Russia. Still, Sofia Mikhailovna has a lot to do with our country: both creativity and business“, – Proklov is quoted by

The star of the film “Be My Husband” admitted that she herself painfully perceives the conflict situation with our closest neighbors. “I get frustrated and sad about what is happening. And I don’t understand much. I want to believe that everything will work out“, – said the Honored Artist of Russia.

Kinodiva said that she has a lot to do with Ukraine, where she has many friends. But after the beginning of these dramatic events, she lost touch with them. At the same time, Proklova believes that this happened due to technical circumstances, and not because they perceive each other as enemies.

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