Sep 21, 2020
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Elena Podkaminskaya said that Mikhail Borisov decided her fate when she entered the Shchukin school

03:45 am, 09/21/2020

The actress posted the last photo taken with her mentor.

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Yesterday, September 20, it became known about the death of the host of the Russian Lotto TV lottery Mikhail Borisov. The artist became ill on the set and was urgently hospitalized. Already at the hospital, the doctors discovered that Borisov was suffering from pneumonia. His condition of the artist deteriorated sharply and Mikhail Borisovich had to be put into a drug-induced coma and connected to a ventilator. The TV presenter experienced clinical death, the doctors managed to bring him back to life, but the artist's heart still could not stand it, and he died.

Mikhail Borisov

Note that Mikhail Borisov was the head of the directing department at the theater school of the Shchukin school, and also headed the pop department at GITIS. Yesterday many artists, whose talent was cut and nurtured by Mikhail Borisovich, responded with sincere words of condolences to the relatives and friends of their beloved teacher.

Elena Podkaminskaya did not stand aside, whose acting fate, according to her, Borisov influenced in the most direct way. On the eve of the star of the series "Kitchen" in her microblog on Instagram, the warmest words honored the memory of her teacher. His voice, Podkaminskaya emphasized, was decisive for her admission to the Shchukin school. Elena said that she is still grateful to the teacher for this chance and fondly recalls working with him. The artist also published the last photo with Mikhail Borisov, specifying that it was taken completely spontaneously and on the run.

Elena Podkaminskaya with children

“Mikhail Borisovich Borisov. My acting teacher. Photo of our last meeting - I ran past the Shchukin school, he was standing behind the fence. When I entered the school, his voice in my favor played a decisive role. And he sometimes jokingly reminded me of this in some happy post-exam moments ... ", - said the artist in her microblog on Instagram.

In addition, she remembered how she studied under the guidance of Mikhail Borisovich. According to Podkaminskaya, she still recalls the wise lessons of her teacher. “I remember how, in the second year of study, we worked with him on the image of a deaf-mute girl from Chekhov's“ Woman's Kingdom ”. We worked hard. Mikhail Borisovich then told me: "Artists become after victory, luck, hitting the target." And when, in another attempt to search for an image, some inhuman cry-howl of my deaf-mute girl escaped from me, I realized that I had fallen into her, into that sound that she herself did not hear, did not know, but was wailing out of despair. All my life I remember this sketch and our conversation with Mikhail Borisovich. Bright memory ", - wrote Elena Podkaminskaya.

Mikhail Borisov and Arkady Ukupnik in the show "Russian Lotto"

It is worth noting that Mikhail Borisov was not only a talented teacher and TV presenter, but also devoted a significant part of his life to sports. He was one of the most loyal fans of the Spartak football club, and in his Russian Lotto program he often recalled his favorite players. In an exclusive interview for Vokrug TV, Mikhail Borisovich admitted that he dreams of trying himself as a football commentator, and also sees himself as a shareholder of Spartak.

Mikhail Borisov in an exclusive interview for Vokrug TV

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