Feb 22, 2021
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Elena Podkaminskaya arranged the first photo session for her one-year-old son

10:40, 22.02.2021

The 41-year-old actress posted pictures with the baby on her microblog on Instagram.

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On February 21 last year, Elena Podkaminskaya, the star of the TV series “Kitchen” and “PI Pirogov,” became a mother for the third time. The 41-year-old actress and his wife Denis Gushchin son was born Alexander… A mother of many children rarely publishes a photo with her son, showing him a couple of times from the back. On the day of his first birthday, Elena decided to arrange the first photo session for little Sasha. However, she remained true to her decision not to show the baby’s face.

Elena Podkaminskaya with her son Alexander

It is worth noting that Elena Podkaminskaya announced the birth of Alexander only a week after his birth. On March 1, the actress published a fragment of a photo session taken in the last trimester of pregnancy. “Spring! Happiness! In all fairness, we have to admit: February was not so bad! In any case, on the 21st, on the brightest, sunniest day of this month, when it smelled of this very long-awaited spring, and my eyes were blinded by the blue of the sky, I gave birth to a son, ”the star signed the picture (the author’s spelling and punctuation are unchanged. – Noteed.).

It is worth noting that Podkaminskaya carefully concealed her pregnancy. Moreover, being in a position, the artist managed to act in the third season of Pirogov’s IP. According to her, the work on the sequel to the sitcom was exhausting, and at times like a quest. “This season I filmed from the sixth to the eighth month of pregnancy, and there were so many tricks to hiding this secret that if I had a separate thematic blog, it would break all records in views. Each workshop of our group competed to come up with options, how and with what to cover me. The more rounded my belly, the more the costume designers’ eyes widened! They ran after me with a centimeter and constantly altered the costumes. There was an emergency regime on the site all the time: everyone was sophisticated in building “barricades” designed to hide my belly, and the barricades were getting higher and higher! ” – revealed the details of the filming played by Vera Podkaminskaya.

Photo from the set of the series “PI Pirogov”

Recall that Elena Podkaminskaya has two more children. She and her husband, whom she hid from the public for a year, became parents in August 2017 Eve… From a businessman Alexandra Plyatseva ten years ago Elena had a daughter Pauline… Elena divorced Polina’s dad after ten years of marriage, and the reason for the separation was Alexander’s desire to make the artist a pocket. According to the star of the series, the husband refused to take her opinion into account and accept her choice.

We add that photos with the eldest daughter in the microblog on Instagram of Elena Podkaminskaya appear most often. The actress complains that she does not always manage to build a relationship with the girl. Polina, as a creative person, cuts her hair herself, shortens or makes fashionable holes in her jeans and experiments with dolls. The girl’s mother tries to understand the motives of her actions, assuring that she wants the children to be brave, independent, do not want to like it, but to be self-sufficient just by themselves.

Elena Podkaminskaya with her daughter Polina

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