Aug 18, 2022
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Elena Podkaminskaya arranged a photo shoot with her grown son


The star of the series “Kitchen”, “IP Pirogova”, actress Elena Podkaminskaya shared rare photos with her 3-year-old son Alexander.

Elena Podkaminskaya does not like to discuss her personal life. Therefore, any of her revelations about the family and, especially, about children. The actress hid her third pregnancy to the last, announcing the replenishment in the family only a month after the birth.

Until now, Elena showed her son Alexander from the back, so the fans had no way of who the three-year-old baby looked like. Up to this day. Podkaminskaya showed footage of a touching photo shoot, during which she opened the veil of secrecy about the appearance of little Sasha.

Star mom and son took pictures on a green meadow. Elena chose a feminine look in a rustic style: a snow-white dress that emphasizes the silhouette and reveals the shoulders. The star pulled her hair into a careless bun. Sasha was dressed to match his mother – in a white shirt and cotton trousers.

Elena Podkaminskaya with her son Sasha
Elena Podkaminskaya with her son Sasha

Podkaminskaya had fun with her son in the meadow, sang songs to the guitar with them, laughed and hugged the baby. Fans were finally able to see the face of the crumbs, albeit half-turned. It can be seen that Alexander is very similar to his mother.

By the way, despite the fact that the artist is completely happy to be a mother of many children, not so long ago she faced the difficulties of raising children.

Elena Podkaminskaya with her son Sasha
Elena Podkaminskaya with her son Sasha

Fields entered adolescence, and for her this coincided with entering the gymnasium. She was in family school, and now she is actively adapting both to school and to new friends. She has matured, a new life has captured her, and all this with powerful emotions of various properties. Eva went from a crisis of three years into a crisis of four (laughs), and she is a fire girl with whom we are like in a minefield, an explosion can thunder unexpectedly and with terrible force. And Sasha, who is now what?! – weaned off the chest. And this is a bombshell“- the star shared in an interview.

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