Oct 23, 2021
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Elena Malysheva told how orgasm affects a runny nose


60-year-old presenter Elena Malysheva shared an effective way of treating a cold.

The work of the winners of this year’s Nobel Prize, a parody of the Nobel Prize, attracted the attention of the host of the program “Living Healthy”. The prize went to a group of scientists from Germany, Turkey and the UK, who proved that orgasm helps to get rid of a cold.

During orgasm, the sympathetic nervous system acts: neurons begin to work actively, which causes vasoconstriction. At the same time, the vessels in the brain and heart are not narrowed.

Vasoconstrictor drops are not recommended for more than five days, because they can be addictive. During orgasm, the vessels in the nose narrow, which were wide due to a cold, and the swelling goes away.

Elena Malysheva
Elena Malysheva

Orgasm, comrades, constricts blood vessels, no worse than vasoconstrictor drops. Addiction does not arise, the joy is great, no suffering“, – Elena said authoritatively.

In the program of Elena Malysheva, provocative topics are often raised, causing a storm of discussions. So, the star talked about sex in the future – robots will be able to participate in sex.

The star teledoctor spoke about people who still refuse to be vaccinated. Elena is outraged by such decisions.

The TV presenter admitted that in the evenings she was tormented by bouts of hunger. Therefore, she often overeats before bed, although she knows that this should not be done.

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