Oct 18, 2021
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Elena Malysheva shocked by the Russians


Presenter Elena Malysheva spoke sharply about people who do not want to be vaccinated.

The 60-year-old TV doctor has been actively covering the fight against coronavirus. Today she raised the topic of the fourth wave of covid and noted that there is an increase in the incidence of infection in Russia. Elena Vasilievna emotionally reacted to the low rates of vaccination. “Only 30% of people vaccinated! First place in the world for daily mortality! We don’t need enemies! We will kill ourselves!“- Malysheva was indignant.

According to her, residents of other countries come to Russia to get vaccinated. “I am ashamed to talk with young guys – Germans, who arrived in Russia in the spring and were vaccinated with our Sputnik! Because then there was no vaccine for young people in Germany! Only the elderly were vaccinated! ” – explained the host of the program “Life is great!”.

Elena Malysheva
Elena Malysheva

She advised her compatriots not to be afraid of the domestic drug. Elena Vasilievna pointed to its knowledge, proven safety and effectiveness. “If you have a mind, if you want to live, get the coronavirus vaccine! The Sputnik vaccine (called GamKovidVac in Russia) is a vaccine whose effectiveness has been confirmed in huge studies in Russia and abroad, ”the teledoctor assured. She clarified that eleven million doses of Sputnik have been introduced in Argentina alone.“.

In medicine, ignorance has one price – life and health. An unvaccinated person who is seriously ill for a long time is an incubator for creating new strains of coronavirus !!! Think about it! And if you don’t need your life, have pity on those around you“, – called Elena Vasilievna.

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