Feb 18, 2021
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Elena Malysheva seriously injured her leg, slipping in high-heeled shoes

03:15, 18.02.2021

The TV presenter received a ruptured cruciate ligament of the knee joint.

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The chief teledoctor of Russia Elena Malysheva seriously injured her left leg. The doctor told about the incident in her microblog on Instagram. In the Stories section, Elena Vasilievna showed the injured limb, and a little later she told about how it all happened. It turned out that the presenter did not blame anyone but herself for what had happened – the combination of ice on the snow-covered streets of Moscow and high-heeled shoes, in which the artist passed all winter, turned out to be insidious.

Elena Malysheva seriously injured her leg, slipping in high-heeled shoes

“It’s snowing in Moscow. There is a brace on my leg. I have a tear in the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee. It’s her own fault. Because all winter I wear high-heeled shoes. Yesterday I slipped on these heels. Rest for the joint, rigid immobilization, and so on is now recommended. Basically, I got off easy. If the cruciate ligament ruptures, surgery is required. I don’t have a complete break. And this is a huge plus “, – Malysheva emphasized (the spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given without changes. – Prim. row.).

In addition, Elena Vasilievna noted that she did not even intend to go on sick leave, but the shooting of the TV show “It’s great to live!” with her participation will be held on the job. “The big plus is that television is a dream factory. You can shoot in such a way that no one will notice anything. And this is also luck, ”Malysheva summed up.

Elena Malysheva

It is noteworthy that in December last year, persistent rumors circulated in the press about the closure of the show “Life is great!”, Hosted by Elena Malysheva. Allegedly, it is closed due to the cost of filming. The Russian TV show first aired on Channel One on August 16, 2010. “Live healthy!” has the format of a talk show, which includes 5 headings: “About Life”, “About Food”, “About Medicine”, “About Home” and “Advice in a Minute”. An anonymous source claimed that during the pandemic, almost all presenters had their fees cut.

However, representatives of the First Channel denied rumors about the closure of the program. “We are surprised to see this fake being injected through social networks and websites with reduced social responsibility. We are not closing “Living healthy”, we did not plan, but it is also written on the fence, ”the TV channel’s press service commented on the information.

Note that for Elena Malysheva herself, 2020 was marked by joyful events, and they happened in the United States. This summer, the TV presenter’s youngest son got married. As Malysheva noted, Vasily, who works in America as a lawyer, chose a Russian girl as his wife. And the eldest son of Elena Vasilievna Yuri made the 59-year-old leading grandmother for the third time. In June, a granddaughter Anna was born to the star of the TV screen.

The coronavirus pandemic, which is relevant for the whole of 2020, also touched the family of Elena Malysheva. Last spring, the disease was discovered in her brother, the youngest son Vasily and mother. 87-year-old Galina Aleksandrovna suffered a serious illness after spending two weeks in the hospital. It is noteworthy that the son-cardiologist Malysheva Yuri in the United States in the midst of the pandemic worked in the coronavirus intensive care unit of a cardiological hospital.

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