Jan 13, 2022
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Elena Malysheva pulled her mother out of the world


Leading Elena Malysheva said that her mother was saved by a miracle.

At the age of 87, Elena Malysheva’s mother, Galina Alexandrovna, fell ill with the coronavirus.

The trouble came to the family of a country-famous television doctor in the spring of 2020. After a while, Elena Malysheva found the strength to tell how hard it was for all of them then. Galina Alexandrovna didn’t feel very well before covid: the woman had severe shortness of breath, three heart defects, pulmonary edema and other problems. Elena Malysheva still believes that with such a state of health, her 87-year-old mother had practically no chance of surviving.

Every day, Malysheva went to the covid intensive care unit for her dying mother, and then sobbed in despair at home. The whole family supported each other as much as they could. The celebrity brother assured her that they would definitely save their mother. Being doctors, all members of the family cooperated, read a lot and shared information on the treatment of this infection with each other in a general chat.

Elena Malysheva
Elena Malysheva

Faith in medicine and in a miracle helped the Malysheva family literally pull Galina Alexandrovna out of the other world.

Believe it was a miracle”, – shared the TV presenter.

In an interview with, Malysheva also said that during the difficult times of the pandemic, she began to work ten times more than usual. The woman read a lot and received new knowledge that gave her peace of mind. In her Instagram account, Malysheva generously shared information with subscribers, conveying her equanimity to them. Elena Vasilievna is sure that there is great power in knowledge.

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