Oct 12, 2021
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Elena Malysheva complained about her work


60-year-old presenter Elena Malysheva admitted that she gets out of the car barefoot.

The host of the programs of the First Channel “Health” and “Life is Healthy!” is a specialist in medicine and weight loss. On the air, Elena talks about unusual and sometimes very impressive ways to improve health, and also opens people’s eyes to treatment options.

In the frame, Malysheva always seems vigorous and full of strength, but in reality everything is not at all like that. The TV presenter is very tired due to lengthy filming. They often drag on until late at night.

Elena Malysheva
Elena Malysheva

Today Elena lamented her colossal fatigue. On the recording of the new episode of the show “Living Healthy”, the TV presenter had to face a heavy load, while she had to look perfect, and the outfit itself could hardly be called comfortable. The footwear brings the teledoctor great suffering, in which she is forced to appear on the air of Channel One. “I am so tired of heels that I simply have no strength. 12 hours in heels is something, going home“, – explained Malysheva.

The TV presenter did not begin to suffer from doubts for a long time, but simply decided to get rid of uncomfortable shoes. “I walk barefoot and have no strength. She got out of the car barefoot, holding her shoes in her hands. Thank God I’m home“, – said the star.

Elena Malysheva has two sons: 32-year-old Yuri and 29-year-old Vasily. The eldest son of a television star has a large family, he is a father of many children. The eldest grandson of the TV personality is six years old, the youngest is three years old, and the only granddaughter is only a year old. The TV presenter tries to visit her relatives living in America as often as possible. Elena boasted of a gift from her grandson, which moved her incredibly.

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