Jan 6, 2022
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Elena Lyadova was horrified by the emaciated figure


Star Leviathan, actress Elena Lyadova lost a lot of weight, which scared the fans.

The wife of Vladimir Vdovichenkov is one of the most secretive married couples in the world of cinema. All the more closely, subscribers scrutinize their favorite actors when they post rare posts on Instagram.

Elena Lyadova, who published her picture on social networks, scared the fans – many thought that the actress looked just painful.

Apparently, it feeds on the holy spirit “,” Thinness “,” Gorgeous, but I really want to feed from the heart“, – the subscribers commented.

Elena Lyadova
Elena Lyadova

The romance of Elena Lyadova and Vladimir Vdovichenkov began in 2013 on the set of the film “Leviathan”. At that time, the actress was 33 years old, Vdovichenkov was 42. And already in 2015, Elena and Vladimir played a secret wedding. Now the lovers do not part. Moreover, Elena became Vdovichenkov’s agent. “Volodya refused the services of his agent and asked me to help him myself. And, starting with Salyut-7 and Optimists, I got involved. It is convenient for my husband to work with me. “

The couple are happy to act together. “Leviathan” does not count, we just met there, – said Elena. – And “Tvar” is the first family joint work. There we, as actors, constantly had to “pick out” some terrible things. We got into the shoes of people who have a lot of conflicts and misfortunes. And no matter how much I loved the profession, it was difficult for me to endure when my husband shouted at me for a long time, even if it was for the role. The soul begins to ache, the limit comes. ” At such moments, the spouses are in a hurry to retire: to walk around Moscow or fly away for a few days on vacation. “I’m not one of those who are looking for a place of power,” Lyadova admits. – My strength is in myself. In the family, in the husband“.

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