May 30, 2022
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Elena Letuchaya spoke about the scandal with the producer


Presenter Elena Letuchaya spoke about the scandal.

The TV presenter on social networks sharply criticized the Rogov + program, which she left after filming two episodes. According to the star, she was promised a completely different show.

On May 29, STS aired a new show, hosted by Alexander Rogov and Elena Letuchaya. But after the premiere release, Elena burst into an angry post on social networks, where she said that she was leaving the project. According to her, the producers deceived her and changed the format without warning in advance – the new version was conceived as a replacement for the “Take it off immediately” program – but at the last moment everything changed.

I am a person who respects himself. And I have enough strength and will to do so that I was respected. It doesn’t matter to me whether I will continue to work with the channel or not, if I saw such a disrespectful attitude towards my person. The only thing I can say is that the producers apologized to me. What will happen next, I do not know“, – said Flying.

The star said that initially the show was made specifically for her and for several months they were looking for a co-host. But in the end, when Rogov returned, they wanted to unite everyone and make a common show. And in the end, the Flying did not like it.

Elena Letuchaya - photo from the archive -
Elena Letuchaya – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

If they had told me that Rogov might come, then I probably would not have agreed to host the program. I starred in one show, and then it suddenly flowed smoothly into the show of Alexander Rogov – he appeared on the horizon and became my co-host. It happened at the moment when we filmed two programs. One program aired on Sunday. Will there be a second program? This is probably what the STS management will say.,” the celebrity said.

According to her, she took this story to the public plane only because she did not want to seem like a flighty blonde who left the show in the midst of filming. “Alexander Rogov is also editing the program, so yesterday you saw me say something twice. And, of course, the name “Rogov +” just shocked me, ”the TV presenter explains her position.

Moreover, the Volatile hinted in no uncertain terms that she did not like the final issue with the famous stylist. Her project was supposed to carry social significance and help the public. And it turned out tracing paper from previous issues.

We didn’t do the show that Alexander did for many years. Because just dressing up and making up is one thing, but explaining the psychology of the problem and supporting it like a woman is another thing. In the final, there was a dressing room with Alexander Rogov, nothing has changed. I’m not talking about makeover shows, I’m not talking about changing rooms. I always participate in some kind of social stories, and I really liked the story of helping girls who find themselves in some kind of incorrect situations.“, – summed up Flying.

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