Sep 14, 2020
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Elena Lander spoke about life after her dismissal from the channel “Russia 1”

11:45, 09/14/2020

The presenter moved to Italy and plans to pursue an acting career.

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In the middle of summer, the former host of the program "Morning of Russia" on the TV channel "Russia 1" Elena Lander announced that she was quitting. She worked there for six years, and decided to say goodbye not only to her place of work, but also to the country overnight. Now Lander lives in Italy and makes plans for the future. Elena is going to devote herself to acting and spend more time with her family.

So, Lander told what she is doing in Italy now. “I decided to boo and finally live the way I want. Since the new season, she began to cooperate with the international acting agency GM-Production. Therefore, immediately after the vacation that my husband and I finally spent together, I start to work. Castings and auditions have returned to my life, projects are now in different languages. So I spend all my free time on learning, I continue to improve English and Italian. Well, I run. This is my last hobby for which there was not enough time in Moscow. And here the climate allows you to run all year round outside, and not on the track in the hall. It's such a pleasure! I also spend time with my family. I meet my daughter from school, we go for a walk, drink coffee and go shopping. In Milan it is difficult not to succumb to this hobby, ”Elena said.

Elena Lander with her Italian husband

Lander emphasized that she is now focusing on acting filming projects, but does not exclude the possibility that she will return to the theater where she previously worked. However, she plans to devote more time to the entreprise. Elena admitted that after she announced on the air of "Morning of Russia" that she had the last shooting day in the program, a large number of people subscribed to her microblog on Instagram. Fans wrote to her that they would like to see Elena in the program again, but Lander emphasizes that he is not going to return to Russian television. She is ready to play the host of the morning show in a movie or TV series.

In a conversation with StarHit, Elena told about her relationship with her Italian husband. The presenter noted that for the last year she lived in two countries, however, she and her husband decided in advance that at the end of 2020 they would definitely settle in Italy. Previously, she flew to her spouse every week, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, she could no longer do this. The fact is that in both Italy and Russia a two-week quarantine was introduced for those who flew into the country. Then Elena rethought a lot.

Elena Lander with her daughter

Elena did not see her husband for five months and was able to correctly set her own life priorities. Lander emphasizes that if not for the pandemic, she might have lived in the same rhythm for another year. Recall that there are three permanent presenters on "Morning of Russia" who have been the faces of the program for more than ten years: Anastasia Chernobrovina, who has been working in the show since 2002, Vladislav Zavyalov since 2003, Andrey Petrov since 2006.

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