Nov 17, 2021
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Elena Hanga spoke about sex with Boris Korchevnikov


The presenter Boris Korchevnikov was embarrassed by the questions about sex.

At one time, Hanga worked on the “About It” project, in which she discussed intimate moments throughout the country. And now Elena Abdulaevna decided to touch upon the issues of sex in a conversation with Boris Korchevnikov.

Korchevnikov was somewhat embarrassed during a frank conversation with Khanga and, according to his confession, even blushed.

Mom did not talk to me about sex, believing that I would find out everything myself. They told me everything at the entrance. It was hard to imagine that I would say some things out loud, because in the Soviet Union a lot was hushed up, and on the program (talking about the show “About this”, – editor’s note) it was necessary to call things by their proper names. Boris, tell me quickly a few synonyms for the sexual process, without switching to normative vocabulary?“- the 59-year-old TV presenter addressed to Korchevnikov on the air of” The Fate of a Man “on” Russia 1 “.

Elena Hanga
Elena Hanga

Boris Korchevnikov tried to evade the answer, but Elena Hanga was persistent. “Lena, I will not name … I immediately go home from work … I have only one word – love. And without it, there is no magic. Well, maybe another word is carrots. I even blushed at this word“, – admitted the TV presenter.

Elena Abdulaevna did not hide the fact that at first she was very embarrassed herself, working on the show “About this”. “I could be embarrassed, but I had very good viewers who said: “Don’t worry, we’ll give you the words now.” These are the people with an active attitude.“- remembered Hanga.

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