Dec 27, 2020
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Elena Flying boasted a luxuriously decorated Christmas tree for the New Year

11:21, 26.12.

The TV presenter showed the decor of her house.

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On New Year’s Eve, many stars of the domestic show business began to show how they decorated their homes for the holiday and share their vacation plans. So, earlier, Nikita Mikhalkov’s wife Tatyana showed a luxurious Christmas tree. And the producer Yana Rudkovskaya even told what would be on her table on New Year’s Eve.

41-year-old Elena Flying is not inferior to her colleagues. The TV presenter published in her microblog on Instagram a family photo with her husband against the background of a Christmas tree decorated with a garland and balls. At the same time, Flying noted that she was in a magical mood before the New Year.

Elena Flying with her husband Yuri Anashenkov

Elena Flying showed the decor of her house

Recall that Elena Flying first married in the summer of 2016. The chosen one of the TV personality was businessman Yuri Anashenkov. Their acquaintance took place a year and a half before the wedding, and the wedding ceremony itself took place on the Greek island of Santorini.

The couple says very little about their personal life. But it is still known that the Flying spouse has two children. The first son was born in a businessman’s relationship with Evgeny Zachenko… Yuri left the family when the boy was only nine months old. The reason for the breakup was the businessman’s new love. Then art critic Hasmik Vaye Reitor turned out to be his passion. This couple did not reach the registry office and lived in a civil marriage for six years. During this time, a boy was born to Yuri and Hasmik. Anashenkov communicates with his sons and takes an active part in upbringing, despite parting with their mothers. Flying is also on good terms with children and even spends holidays with them.

Flying herself is in no hurry to acquire her children. Elena said that earlier this topic bothered her and she reacted painfully to such conversations, but over time the experiences passed. The TV presenter also shared that she did not want to get married before meeting her husband, but next to him she realized that she was happy. She also noted that if she and her husband have joint children, they will become better parents.

Yuri Anashenkov and Elena Flying

It is worth noting that Flying, like many of her colleagues in the shop, experienced financial problems in 2020. In September, it became known that the star owed more than 350 thousand rubles on a loan. The bank accounts of the TV presenter were arrested by bailiffs, but one of them had an amount sufficient to pay off the debt. Almost 400 thousand rubles were written off compulsorily. The TV presenter was notified of the arrest via sms.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic and loan debts, Flying managed to relax in several places this year. In mid-August, the TV presenter, together with her husband, visited Tanzania, where the Russians could fly without obstacles. In her microblog on Instagram, Elena said that it took almost a day to get to the place of rest, but it was worth it. In Tanzania, Flying and Anashenkov were able not only to sunbathe and swim, but also celebrated their wedding anniversary. After returning to Russia, Elena and Yuri decided to travel around Russia. The spouses went to Karelia. There Elena Flying was able to ride a cable car over the lake.

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