Apr 7, 2021
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Electoral Separatism – Georgia and Texas Drop Out of the US Electoral Field

Two US states, Georgia and Texas, have passed “election fair” laws that tighten voting rules. In particular, now everyone who wants to vote by mail will have to present an identity document. Reducing the number of portable waste bins (Dropbox)that were even placed at gas stations in the 2020 presidential elections.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Signs Fair Election Act March 25 (Electoral Integrity Bill)passed by the General Assembly of Georgia. This state now requires a driver’s license or other government-issued identification to obtain an absentee ballot. Ballot boxes will be placed only in specially designated places and will be accessible only during the opening hours of the polling station.

A new law in Georgia gives the state electoral commission the power to oversee the work of district electoral commissions. The secretary of state is removed from the position of the chairman of the electoral commission. The second round of elections will take place not nine, but four weeks after the first. Third parties are not allowed to distribute food or drinks to voters in line to vote. All this reduces the possibility of manipulating voices.

On April 1, the Texas Senate passed a similar law. The terms of early voting have been shortened, voting by mail is prohibited, the clerks of the election commission are prohibited from sending forms of absentee ballots to those voters who did not request them. Bill Writer, Republican Brian Hughes statedthat the law on “fair elections” (Election Integrity) called up “Make voting easier and make fraud harder”… The bill has been passed to the state House of Representatives, where Republicans have a solid majority.

States considering restrictive bills

States considering restrictive bills

Similar laws will soon be passed in Arizona and Florida. There, in particular, a proposal to reduce private funding for local election commissions is being considered. In Arizona, Republican lawmakers also intend to tighten early voting rules. The state Senate has hired four companies to complete the manual recount of the November 3, 2020 vote.

Michigan Republican senators at the end of March presented a number of bills, which, like in Georgia and Texas, proposed to introduce tougher voting rules. The head of local Republicans, Ron Weiser, said that the state legislature will support these bills, and if Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer vetoes him, it will be overcome.

New Hampshire can also be expected to adopt new voting rules for elections.

According to the Brennan Center, Republicans have introduced 55 bills in the legislatures of 24 states that “restrict access to voting.” Most “restrictive bills” (Restrictive bills) abolish voting by mail, almost a quarter of bills introduce stricter requirements for the presentation of identity documents. The states of Texas (49 bills), Georgia (25 bills) and Arizona (23 bills) have the largest number of restrictive bills.

States considering expansion bills

States considering expansion bills

Where Democrats dominate legislative assemblies, legislators, on the other hand, are considering “sweeping bills” (Expensive bills)facilitating access to early and postal voting, giving voters with criminal records the right to vote, and the ability to vote on university campuses. “Expansion Bills” are likely to be passed in New York, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey and 26 more states.

Six states pass resolutions against the Biden administration’s bill passed by the U.S. Congress For peopleabolishing electoral federalism. The Democratic-supporting Brennan Center sees “troubling trends” as Republicans in Texas and Arizona have created legislative barriers to federal act. The supporters of the status quo after Biden’s victory do not like the fact that in Texas, Wisconsin, Missouri and Iowa, criminal penalties for electoral manipulation are being introduced.

Democrats Name Georgia Election Law “Racist, evil and immoral suppression of voters”… Democrat Beto O’Rourke accused the Republicans of “The largest coordinated attack on democracy in America”directed against “colored voters”. Senate Minority Leader in Georgia Gloria Butler saidthat the law on “fair elections” is filled “Tactics of suppressing voters” and the equivalent “Blatant assault on the right to votewhich has not happened since the days of racial segregation.

Democratic supporters are unhappy with bills designed to limit electoral manipulation

And President Biden likened the new laws passed in the Republican-majority states to the discriminatory “Jim Crow Acts” that limited the rights of blacks until the 1960s.

Democrats argue that the requirement to present ID when voting is aimed at reducing the participation of blacks, members of other ethnic minorities and the poor. In the United States, there are no internal passports, they are replaced by a driver’s license, which is not required, and people who do not have a car, as a rule, do not have such a license.

Several human rights organizations have filed a lawsuit against the state of Georgia.

Several human rights organizations have filed a lawsuit against the state of Georgia, according to Axios. In a claim from New Georgia Project, Cause of Black Voters Foundation and Rise, Inc. the restrictions imposed by the “Fair Election” Act are alleged to violate the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, imposing an “unjustified burden” that “Disproportionately affects people of color and the young, the poor and the disabled”… Democratic activists are already out in protest demonstrations.

Carried out by the company Morning consultation a poll late last year showed that confidence in the electoral system among Republican voters had plummeted. 70 percent of people voting for Republicans do not consider the US elections free and fair. By contrast, Democratic voters are happy with America’s electoral system.

America is becoming more and more divided. The absence of uniform electoral rules for the entire country speaks volumes about this.

Cover photo: REUTERS / Tom Brenner

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