Sep 19, 2021
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Electoral interference – who is interested in the “Moldovan scenario” for Russia?

The West is trying to hone its toolbox

On August 25, almost a month before the parliamentary elections in the Russian Federation, the chairman of the Commission for the Protection of State Sovereignty and Prevention of Interference in the Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Andrei Klimov, spoke about two approaches that the collective West is using to interfere in these elections.

The first approach is to discredit the elections to the State Duma as much as possible, presenting them as “rigging”.

For this reason, a number of foreign states and organizations made decisions not to send observers to Russia. Among the “refuseniks” was the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), citing the restrictions imposed in Russia due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to the vice-speaker of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Konstantin Kosachev, the position of the Bureau is interference in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation, since there is an attempt to challenge the decisions made by Russia, and the purpose of refusing to observe the elections is to “make a hype.”

False messages also work for the “rigging” scenario, of which about ten thousand were revealed during the first two days of voting – September 17 and 18. They were replicated by well-known Russian bloggers and Ukrainian bot-farms, for which platforms were actively used TikTok, YouTube and Telegram

However, if the creation of a picture of “fraud” with the help of fakes is a technology more or less familiar, if not familiar, then the active introduction of special applications prompting the voter whom to vote for can be called a novelty. Especially considering that such giants as Apple and Google, referring to the fact that they are only obliged to comply with the laws of the “mother” country (the United States), up to a certain point provided access to applications designed to influence the election campaign in violation of Russian laws, including on election days. “We provided access to the Navalny application, which was specially developed to conduct illegal campaigning in Russia for candidates who were not chosen by our citizens, voters, but in fact the owners of the applications. The program was developed with the participation of foreign citizens who are directly related to government agencies and special services of foreign countries, and is contained on servers located in the United States and supported by them. There is reason to believe that the US authorities are behind such impudent interference in our elections “– said the chairman of the State Duma committee to investigate the facts of foreign interference in the internal affairs of Russia Vasily Piskarev.

Lawyers Apple in a dialogue with A. Klimov, they referred to the rules that are established … Apple Distribution International Ltd. And therefore, they say, the requirement to remove the application from their online stores on Apple does not apply, since the rules are the prerogative Apple Distribution International Ltd, and not the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation, demanding to restrict access to resources associated with the so-called Anti-Corruption Fund (FBK), recognized in Russia as an extremist organization ****.

Let the name FBK not mislead the reader – the Fund is busy with ways of changing the government in Russia, including illegal ones.

As a result, and Apple, and Google the applications were removed, but only on the eve of the vote. Apparently, the developers of the “rules” realized that it would be difficult to refute the accusations of direct interference in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation, if they dared to provide access to campaigning for certain candidates directly in the election process. However, what was “before” is also an intervention. As well as the fact that these applications work abroad.

Such intervention is directly envisaged by the Smart Voting (UG) project, the whole “mind” of which lies in the fact that the FBK figures (and with them American Ltd in the person of their digital monster platforms) “unobtrusively” prompt both Russian and foreign voters who to vote for. This project is built into the Navalny application, and the project “Vote Abroad!” Its administrators admit that the project activists operate in 45 countries, and in 11 they conduct exit polls. And on voting days, they directly call on to look for “recommendations on a candidate” on the “Vote Abroad!” Website, from where a link to “Smart Voting” leads.

This is what UG looks like in Ukraine on September 19, voting day.  The voter is invited to choose blindly, according to the

This is what UG looks like in Ukraine on September 19, voting day.  The voter is invited to choose blindly, according to the

This is what UG looks like in Ukraine on September 19, voting day. The voter is invited to choose blindly, according to the “recommendation”. It’s funny that in the cradle of decommunization – Lviv – “UG” offers to vote for a communist. This is because Smart Voting is a tool to interfere in the Russian elections.

What are the organizers of “smart” tips guided by?

They have an example of Moldova, when the choice of citizens who left the country became decisive in the presidential elections. “Over the past ten years, the number of Moldovans who vote abroad has grown fivefold. And the fact that they elected Maya Sanda, in many respects this advantage was provided by foreign votes “– joyfully reports the former coordinator of Navalny’s headquarters in Irkutsk, Sergei Bespalov, who was convicted of beating an NOD activist and left Russia. Now he is in charge of the project “Vote Abroad!”, Being, in fact, an instrument of foreign interference in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation. Like everyone who calls themselves “Free people and independent activists from Russia living in Europe, Great Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world”

Project “Vote Abroad!” has a special love for the United States and the British crown, the rest of them are simply “Europe” and “other corners of the planet.” This is no coincidence, considering that it is in London that the main centers that funded the FBK are located (and now “related” projects, including UG and the mobilization of the Russian diaspora abroad). By the way, the domain of the site “Vote Abroad!” registered with an American registrar, which is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Absolutely all information about the owner is hidden, which does not fit well with the declared mission of the project – the protection of democratic values, rights and freedoms. The common voter is not allowed to know who is calling the tune.

“According to our data, about 900 activists are intensively engaged in such activities abroad – these are exactly those who want to involve people in voting using the Navalny application, including in NATO countries. According to our analysts, this can be done at the sites of several dozen of our polling stations in about 15 states, “ – says Andrey Klimov.

Abroad “Smart Voting” tied to “Navalny” and “Vote Abroad!” continue to encourage voters to vote against United Russia (and it is not hidden that a person may not know the participants in the elections to the State Duma at all: they are trying with all their might to pull him out of the house and, like a ram, drive him to the ballot box, and for whom to put a tick or a cross , UG will say). Such a vote can be called “smart” only in mockery of the “sheep” voters.

According to Klimov, in this way “showcases” are created to show that “this is a fair vote”. And you should wait for the showcases to be shown immediately after the official election results become known. Coordinator of the project “Vote Abroad!” I have already named such “showcases”: Great Britain, Poland, Germany, France, Finland

In general, the UG has great views on Germany, because there is the largest Russian diaspora: according to various sources, from 500 to 700 thousand people! And although last time only about 1% of voters with Russian passports came to polling stations in Germany, neither the UG, nor those in London and Washington who are interested in Russia to succeed, as in Moldova, do not leave the hopes of “spilling” hundreds of thousands. when the diaspora has a decisive voice.

Russia, of course, is not Moldova and the tracing paper will not come out, even if not 1%, but 99% of “sheep” are driven to the polling stations with UG noodles on their ears. However, something else will turn out – the very “showcases”. The result will be discrediting of the Russian elections abroad, the adoption by the West of documents on their non-recognition – like a report already approved by the European Parliament on a new strategy of relations with Russia, which includes a clause stating that elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation may not be recognized! What is interesting: this document was approved by the European Parliament’s Committee on International Affairs on July 15, the vote in the European Parliament took place on September 15, the voting results were announced the day before the start of voting in the State Duma. That is, there is no event yet, and the EP has already voted for the likelihood of its demarche! If this is not interference in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation, then what is it? And “Smart Voting”, “Vote Abroad!” The second approach, which A. Klimov spoke about, is also fastened here – “The formation of a kind of” gangs “with the involvement of the Russian-speaking public, which would create the impression of some kind of protest movement outside of Russia”… We will see them more than once or twice.

It remains to add that on September 10, US Ambassador John Sullivan was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry, to whom it was announced that interference in the internal affairs of Russia was categorically inadmissible. As noted in the Russian Foreign Ministry, “We are talking about specific facts transmitted to the American side for study and reaction”… There are also clarifications: for example, the connection of specific individuals with the Smart Voting project …

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