Sep 26, 2021
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Elections in Germany are over: German channels diverge in exit polls

In Germany, elections to the Bundestag have ended. According to the exit polls of the ARD channel, the SPD and the CDU / CSU have an equal share of votes, at the same time the ZDF channel gives a different alignment.

In Germany, they are counting votes in the elections to the Bundestag. ARD TV channel broadcasts information that the SPD and CDU / CSU parties have an equal share of votes in exit polls.

It is noteworthy, writes the author of the telegram channel “Release the Kraken!”

Let us remind you that two days before the elections on the German TV channel ARD, unexpectedly both for the audience and for the media itself, a creeping line with the results of the elections to the Bundestag went on the air.

Note that the election information from the ZDF channel is different. According to him, the Social Democrats come out victorious with 26% of the vote, the CDU / CSU gets 24%.

“Alternative” can count on 10%. Greens – 14.5%, Free Democrats – 12%, Left – 5%. Exit poll for ZDF TV channel was prepared by the research group “Elections” (Forschungsgruppe Wahlen).

It is worth emphasizing that if no party in Germany gains more than 50%, they begin to negotiate a coalition. The winner is the one whose coalition will collect more than half of the seats.

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