Sep 24, 2021
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Elections-2021: CEC, Pamfilova are happy, but people are angry

Elections-2021: CEC, Pamfilova are happy, but people are angry

Photo: Artem Geodakyan / TASS

Many words have already been said about the last elections to the State Duma. In blogs, social networks, columns on reputable Internet resources. Many are outraged. Muscovites issue especially malicious invectives to the electronic voting named after the editor of the radio station “Echo of Moscow” A.A. Venediktova, which took upon itself the functions of accustoming city residents to remote elections. It is thanks to electronic voting that not a single opposition candidate entered the State Duma in any of the capital’s constituencies.

An opposition-minded voter is dissatisfied and depressed. Here the fashionable word “frustration” will come into play.

However, the last parliamentary elections are considered dishonest not only by those who took direct part in them – were nominated, voted or simply voted. On Wednesday, September 22, the National Bolsheviks * – activists of the Limonov’s Other Russia party (unregistered – ed.).

Five National Bolsheviks, Timofey Filin, Ivan Rybin, Maria Pastushkova, Sergey Semyonov and Egor Feshishin, hung out at the door of the State Duma a banner with the slogan “We did not choose you!”, lit a fire and handcuffed to the fence of the building. The protesters were detained by officers of the second special police regiment and taken to the Tverskoye police station. In the department, the National Bolsheviks were charged with violations under various articles of the Administrative Code, all of which provide for administrative arrest.

For the frustrated voter mentioned in a couple of paragraphs above, it would be wise to read the text of the leaflet circulated at the scene.

The party that won the parliamentary elections in Russia did not become known last Sunday, or even at the time the elections were called. The constitutional majority of United Russia was predetermined many years ago. It is a constant in the political life of the Russian Federation, and there is no manipulation – from banal ballot stuffing to electronic voting, which has become the talk of the town – which the ruling regime would not have gone to to preserve this constant.

Indeed, the political system in Russia is not built today. In recent years, we have seen a tendency not towards weakening, but towards a toughening of the regime.

Political analysts say that the present rating of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is higher than that of United Russia, but is anyone amazed at the results of voting in the federal district, where, according to official data, United Russia is more than twice ahead of the Communists?

Do you remember how the parliamentary and presidential elections were held in previous years? So, I do not see what can be surprising in the official data of the Central Election Commission.

United Russia and other parties found themselves in the State Duma, coordinating their policies and personnel in the presidential administration. The Other Russia party E.V. Limonov ”and other independent political forces were cut off from participation in the elections at the registration phase. None of us were allowed to vote.

The Ministry of Justice refused to officially register this party. And if they, by some miracle, had passed that barrier, they would most likely be stopped by the Central Election Commission. The Limonovites must not be allowed before the elections, this is the practice and tradition of the Russian state. Even the fact that supporters of Limonov’s Other Russia are patriots who actively support the DPR and LPR does not change anything in relation to the state controlling authorities. The situation is similar with other non-systemic political forces. Many voters simply cannot find the political party they would like to vote for on the ballot.

Billionaire’s New People Party Alexey Nechaev, one of the leaders of the ONF, does not even hide that it is a political project of the presidential administration. Nechaev is somehow subtly similar to Mikhail Prokhorovwho made a similar voyage into politics ten years ago. It was as if they were made in a clone factory. Well, now there is a kind of liberal party in the State Duma that can be referred to in dialogue with Western partners.

We feel sorry for those honest but naive people who tried to get into the State Duma, who were an election observer, who tried to vote (especially sorry for those who tried to vote “smartly”). All that they got the opportunity to participate in the legitimization of power. They either forgot or never knew a simple maxim: in order to achieve free elections, one does not need to participate in unfree elections.

The Internet is already calling the elections past some kind of sterile pornography. And I would not compare participation in the elections to the State Duma with pornography for the reason that people still enjoy watching pornography. The same cannot be said about these parliamentary elections. Taking part in elections is akin to playing cards with a sharpie, in this game it is impossible to win.

And we will say the following to the State Duma of the autumn draft of 2021: You do not represent the citizens of Russia. We didn’t choose you!

Any opinion poll, even not so independent, will confirm this. Russian citizens do not consider the State Duma to be credible. The past elections, I am sure, will only strengthen the citizens of our country in this opinion. Because the elections were not fair.

* The interregional public organization “National Bolshevik Party” (NBP) was recognized as extremist by the decision of the Moscow City Court of April 19, 2007 banning activities in the Russian Federation.

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