Sep 6, 2021
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Election 2021: the Investigative Committee will find out who is cheating?

Election 2021: the Investigative Committee will find out who is cheating?

Photo: Mikhail Tereshchenko / TASS

The current working week may provide answers to questions that have arisen after the publication by Novaya Gazeta of audio recordings about preparations for the elections in Korolev, near Moscow. Their content is such that the CEC last Friday asked the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Investigative Committee to promptly take all necessary measures to prevent possible violations during the election campaign.

The CEC made a similar request to the Moscow Regional Electoral Commission. “I want to say unequivocally that neither the election commission of the subject, nor the territorial election commission have anything to do with conducting any trainings,” the chairman of the regional election commission said. Ilya Berezkin… The CEC sent its own rapid response team to Korolyov.

If the information is confirmed, “the inevitability of punishment of the perpetrators, including criminal liability, must be ensured, especially if it is qualified as a group conspiracy,” the CEC noted. The author of the Novaya Gazeta article said that, based on the results of her previous investigations, inspections were also carried out, but then everything was “let down on the brakes.”

In the published audio recording, an unidentified woman, whom newspaper sources described as a local official, called for up to 45% of the votes on party lists for a “specific party”, as well as a majority of votes for current deputies from United Russia. In this case, the woman referred to the “request of the government.”

– It is not so important who exactly “leaked” these audio recordings to the press, – says member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Sergei Natsievsky… – Apparently, those who are simply tired of everything that is happening around the elections, who do not want to substitute themselves anymore. After all, a situation may arise when the government changes and the proceedings begin. They will find out who falsified the elections. Few people want to fall into these millstones.

“SP”: – In the event of a real offense, it is possible to get into the millstones, apparently, even before the change of power. Immediately after September 19th. After all, such methods directly contradict the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation …

– Mass falsifications at polling stations with the participation, presumably, of employees of the administration, cannot but fall under the relevant article of the Criminal Code. It threatens with jail.

“SP”: – Nevertheless, according to these audio recordings, there are those who want to play with fire. Until recently, there was a hope to bring them to clean water, using video surveillance at the sites …

– Since 2003, the authorities have been constantly changing the electoral legislation. Each election adjusts it for themselves. Either they benefit from a completely party electoral system, or they reverse it. After the publication in Novaya Gazeta, it becomes clear why the CEC limited video surveillance (“SP” wrote about this – ed.). On the video you can watch the moment when this “aunty” changes the voter lists.

After 20 o’clock in the evening, when the most turmoil, the section is closed, they begin to take stock, observers look around. As a rule, only our observers fight, the rest play with one wicket. That’s why Pamfilova resists, says that nowhere in the world of such video surveillance is not present, gives other, the most ridiculous arguments. But in fact, it was curtailed in order to avoid proper control by society.

“SP”: – And so they “burned” …

– This is not the first time. In 2011, I worked in the elections. We then collected about 30% of the protocols, certified with the seals of the PECs. This sample showed that the Communist Party and United Russia are on a par. We had 29%, they had 30%. And after summing up, they had 47%, and we have 19% percent. And Yabloko had 15%, and after summing up, it became 8%. How can this be?

In 2018, there were elections for the governor in Primorye. At the official level, it was recognized that the elections were falsified, the result was canceled, but no one was held liable. And the candidate from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation lost the elections. In the same Korolev, “carousels” were recorded and employees of precinct commissions were involved. Conclusion: this is massive.

“SP”: – The publication sent a request to the CEC, and he, in turn, turned to the security officials. True, the head of the Moscow Regional Electoral Commission has already stated that his structure is not in business …

– I think Pamfilova will say in the end that these records are not evidence. I am convinced in advance that there will be no consequences. I will assume that Pamfilova was not appointed to the CEC in order to conduct serious investigations. She has already tried many times to find out the circumstances of the falsifications – in the same Korolev. They were all for show.

The authorities by all means will tighten the rating of United Russia. Look, more than a million people have registered for electronic voting in Moscow. By the way, he takes an active part in its promotion Alexey Venediktov – Editor-in-chief of Echo of Moscow. But in 2019, the opposition did not receive a majority in the Moscow City Duma precisely because of this form of voting. Then there were not enough two or three mandates on electronic sites. Soon, the whole country will be transferred to “electronic”. Explain that it is cheaper.

This is all very disturbing. Essentially, elections are discredited. It is not for nothing that the majority of voters do not go to vote. People are disappointed, do not believe that something can be changed. By such “conferences” the authorities destroy their legitimacy with their own hands.

“The publication in Novaya Gazeta is just another confirmation that elections in Russia are regularly falsified,” continues Coordinator of the Left Front Sergei Udaltsov… – It’s obvious to us.

Unfortunately, the current government is not ready for fair elections, they are afraid of them, they are afraid of competition. Therefore, from year to year, he is only engaged in improving the methods of falsification and deception. Especially now, using electronic voting, hiding behind the coronavirus, introducing multi-day voting etc. It’s a shame and a shame. In an amicable way, the issue of dissolving the current composition of the CEC is long overdue.

“SP”: – If it were so easy …

– Without a change in the course of the country’s development, a change in the federal government, this, of course, is impossible. Therefore, for now, our main task is to do what we can: saturate polling stations with a mass of observers, increase the turnout of our supporters in the elections (without this, there is no chance of winning) and be ready to defend our votes in legal protests. These can be the same meetings with State Duma deputies. I call on the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and other opposition parties to do this.

Because there are often situations when we catch someone by the hand, but then bring this to the cancellation of the voting results, to re-elections, almost never works, because our judicial system is also dependent on the executive branch.

We must tell the authorities that if such situations as in Korolyov happen on September 19, it will provoke protests. The opposition can unite, come out and say a resolute “no”, as it was in 2011.

And so, of course, the time is ripe for a radical reform of the electoral system, for a change of characters, and then free fair competitive elections will be possible, which everyone needs and will be useful for Russia.

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