Feb 17, 2021
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Elderly spouses admire the record bear made of roses

record bear of rosesWanning City (Hainan Province, China) is now famous for having the largest bear made of roses there.

record bear of roses

A wonderful figure was erected for several weeks for a reason, but to celebrate a joyful event.

record bear of roses

Elderly married couples live in the city, who at one time were forced to be content with very modest weddings. China Regenerative Medicine International Limited hosted a celebration for 108 couples so that elderly husbands and wives not only renew their vows, but also have fun in a beautiful festive setting.

record bear of roses

The highlight of the event was the bear, which consists of a metal frame and 48,000 live roses. The height of the miracle beast is 6.14 meters, and it weighs as much as 7 tons. The sculpture entered the Guinness Book of Records, which was officially announced during the gala dinner.

record bear of roses

By the way, they decided to give the bear a long life. As soon as the flowers decorating it wither, they will be replaced with artificial ones, and therefore the bear will turn out to be durable.

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