Feb 22, 2021
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Ekaterina Volkova published a rare photo of Eduard Limonov on his birthday

17:11, 22.02.2021

Today, the writer who died of cancer could have turned 78 years old.

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Today is the birthday of Eduard Limonov. He could have turned 78 years old. On this day, the former wife of the writer Yekaterina Volkova honored his memory. The actress published a rare photo with Limonov and their children on her Instagram microblog, noting that they will always remember him.

“We will always remember you as cheerful, ascetic, talented, in an eternal protest against the world, with endless ideas, maybe crazy for others, but you loved the truth and Russia, and never feared anything. Now you are left with wonderful books, poems and two teenagers Savenko, who look at me with your eyes and constantly argue with your character ”, – wrote Ekaterina Volkova (the author’s spelling and punctuation are unchanged. Prim. row.).

Eduard Limonov with children from Ekaterina Volkova

The death of Eduard Limonov became known on March 17, 2020. Two days before this, the writer was urgently hospitalized in one of the Moscow private clinics. On the day of his death, Limonov was supposed to be operated on twice, but his heart could not stand it. At the time of his death, Eduard Veniaminovich was 77 years old. In his last days, Limonov continued to fight against cancer and endured hospitalization. By the way, Eduard Veniaminovich hid that he had cancer. The writer continued to appear and take part in public life.

Eduard Limonov has two children left from his last marriage with Ekaterina Volkova – a 14-year-old son Bohdan and 12 year old daughter Alexandra… Only with the actress was Limonov able to become a father for the first time. Before Volkova, the writer was married four times, but the previous chosen ones were never able to give him children. The first common-law wife of Eduard Veniaminovich was an expressionist artist Anna Rubinstein… Next marriage with Elena Shchapova Eduard Veniaminovich formalized it officially. Moreover, Limonov even got married with his second darling in 1973. Unfortunately, this alliance was short-lived.

Eduard Limonov died of cancer on March 17, 2020

The third wife of Eduard Limonov was a model, writer and singer Natalia Medvedeva… Their family life lasted more than 10 years, but in the end, the couple decided to leave. Eduard Veniaminovich found himself a new lover, who became Elizabeth Blaise. For some time, the couple lived in a civil marriage – and again Limonov left his chosen one after several years of relationship.

In 1988, the writer met a 16-year-old girl named Nastya Lysogor, who eventually followed him to Siberia. There they lived together until 2005. Eduard Veniaminovich met Ekaterina Volkova, his last wife at the exhibition. Later, the couple claimed that during the first meeting they immediately fell in love with each other. By the way, like the previous women of Limonov, Catherine was younger than him, and significantly – by 31 years. As a result, their marriage lasted only three years. The couple divorced even before the birth of their daughter Alexandra, who was born on July 17, 2008.

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