Aug 20, 2022
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Ekaterina Volkova is going to marry for the fourth time

Actress Ekaterina Volkova was married three times, in addition, she was in civil marriages three times. Since the expression “civil marriage” really jars on our readers, it’s better to clarify – she lived with men three times without painting and had a common life with them. Despite such an active personal life, at the moment the actress is alone, with three children.

Recall that she gave birth to her eldest daughter Valeria in her first marriage, however, her husband turned out to be a tyrant and once beat Catherine, and family life ended there.

By the way, the heiress is already quite an adult and works as a psychotherapist, and, looking at some of Volkova’s antics, it seems that she herself would do well to take a few consultations from her daughter.

Well, the younger children – a son and a daughter, Katerina gave birth in her third marriage to the politician and writer Eduard Limonov, but this was not fate either – the couple broke up, and then the man died.

Ekaterina Volkova is going to marry for the fourth time

Since then, there has been no stability in the artist’s personal life, the “same” man is still hanging around somewhere and the fateful meeting does not occur. The actress admitted to reporters that she is ready for a fourth marriage and hopes that a candidate will still be found.

“Three husbands is not the final, I hope,” says Ekaterina. But at the same time, she admits that she continues to love Limonov and enthusiastically reads his books and poems.

Wait a minute, but until recently, the artist erotically congratulated her lover on the network by posting a naked photo. Apparently, the boyfriend merged.

Ekaterina Volkova is going to marry for the fourth time

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