Sep 16, 2022
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Ekaterina Varnava’s husband became homeless


The husband of actress Ekaterina Varnava, Alexander Molochnikov, ended up on the street abroad.

30-year-old Alexander Molochnikov was among the domestic celebrities who left Russia. The director, who has American citizenship, moved to the United States and is now settling in a new place.

Molochnikov clarified that he had settled in New York, and showed a comic photo from a city street, hinting that his living conditions were not yet very comfortable.

For a New York homeless (homeless person), I live decently, I even got a mattress. In our dump, this is a status! Did you sleep outside? Tell! While the neighbor is resting, he preferred cardboard”, Alexander signed the picture, in which he sat comfortably on a mattress thrown onto the sidewalk in a pile of garbage bags.

The husband of Catherine Barnabas, Alexander Molochnikov in the garbage
The husband of Catherine Barnabas, Alexander Molochnikov in the garbage

Of course, no one believed the director’s pseudo-suffering, because, unlike some of his colleagues, Molochnikov, leaving for the States, did not burn bridges behind him and continues to earn money in Russia – on performances and filming TV shows. But in the personal life of the director, indeed, there was a global failure, and he himself admits this.

In a recent interview, Alexander admitted that his relationship with Catherine Barnabas ended sadly. The lovers met for two years, and this spring they played a secret wedding. They planned to move to the USA together, but the comedian suddenly refused and filed for divorce. Molochnikov learned about her decision from his father and was upset, but he only blames himself for what happened. According to rumors, the director cheated on Catherine with actresses, and she found out about everything.

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