Sep 7, 2022
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Ekaterina Varnavai secretly filed for divorce


The ex-husband of actress Catherine Barnabas accidentally found out about the divorce from her.

This spring, Alexander Molochnikov and Ekaterina Varnava officially legalized relations. True, the union of the couple lasted only a few months. The director frankly spoke about the divorce from the former darling.

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30-year-old Alexander Molochnikov stunned the public by announcing his marriage and imminent divorce from Ekaterina Varnava, who is seven years older. The director revealed the details of the breakup with the actress, although he himself does not fully understand why their union has cracked.

I don’t know how many days the marriage lasted – not enough, I didn’t count. It is very sad. If you do not come twice to the court, then they are bred with a machine gun. That’s how I found out about the divorce. Moreover, he returned from filming to St. Petersburg, and dad said that a subpoena had arrived. So-so feeling. Nevertheless, Katya and I are in a very close relationship.“, he said.

Ekaterina Varnava - photo from the archive -
Ekaterina Varnava – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

The screenwriter emphasized that the break with the former occurred without dirt and scandals. “Of course, I made mistakes for which I am ashamed, but Katya and I parted mutually“, – added Alexander in the YouTube show “vdud”.

After a spontaneous separation, Barnabas remained to live and work in Moscow, and Molochnikov flew to the USA. According to the director, Catherine was going to leave with him, but the plans were not destined to come true.

Alexander himself did not leave Russia forever, after some time he would return. “I do not believe that I will not come home. To start a case against me – you have to try. I hope for a miracle that it doesn’t come to that. I still want to study culture in Russia“, – concluded the filmmaker.

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