Aug 13, 2022
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Ekaterina Skulkina lost 20 kg and showed the result


Comedy Woman star, actress Ekaterina Skulkina shared a photo in which she poses in full growth.

Ekaterina Skulkina has achieved a real wow effect in the fight against excess weight. The Comedy Woman star has already lost more than 20 kilograms and continues to work on herself. The day before, she shared a picture from her vacation, in which she can hardly be recognized.

Skulkina drastically changed her habits a couple of years ago. She began to strictly monitor nutrition and exercise regularly. In order for an artist to miss a workout, something serious must happen. In all other cases: both after long flights and on a day off, she always meets with a personal trainer.

Ekaterina Skulkina
Ekaterina Skulkina

The published photo, in which she poses in a black summer dress, delighted fans following her weight loss progress. For many, Catherine is a role model and motivator. In the discussion of the photo, the audience thanks the star for a positive example.

What a skinny! We envy”, “Wai, mom, who is this?”, “Slender girl, well done”, “Just divine, probably the dress should be sewn in at the waist!”, “Shikardos, better than ever”, — write the fans.

It is worth noting that not all celebrities have enough willpower to fight unnecessary volumes. Some take the simple path and solve the problem of excess weight with the help of plastic surgery. Anna Semenovich admitted that she removed fat from certain areas of her body with the help of liposuction. In addition, the other day, by the way, she decided on a facelift.

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