Aug 15, 2022
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Ekaterina Skulkina boasted of her thinness


Actress Ekaterina Skulkina shared a spicy photo.

The actress has achieved amazing results in the fight against excess weight. The actress has already managed to lose 20 kilograms, but she continues to work on herself. And along the way to the dream figure, she gladly shares pictures showing her new forms.

This time the TV presenter posed by the pool. Of the clothes on the star, there was only a short linen tunic, completely exposing Catherine’s slender legs.

The sun invited me to dance”, Skulkina playfully noted.

Thinner Ekaterina Skulkina
Thinner Ekaterina Skulkina

Fans following the TV star praised her and thanked her for her positive example of losing weight.

Krasavella!”, “What legs!”, “She is all beautiful and chic”, “Clever!”, “What a skinny girl! I envy you!”, “Looking at you, I also started to lose weight: you are my motivator!”- fans could not resist compliments.

Recall that a couple of years ago, Skulkina abruptly revised her lifestyle. Now the star carefully monitors what and in what quantities she eats. In addition, fitness is included in the artist’s schedule weekly. In order not to go to training, Catherine must have a good reason. Even after flights, long work days and weekends, she meets with a personal trainer.

Fall in love with sport and it will love you back! Thanks to my will power!“- says the Comedy Woman star.

In addition, the artist does not forget about care so that the skin remains taut after extreme weight loss. Skulkina regularly does wraps, goes for massages and does tonic procedures.

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