May 13, 2020
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Ekaterina Klimova spoke about the fight of ex-husbands

Екатерина Климова рассказала о драке бывших мужей

Actress Ekaterina Klimova was married three times and in each of her marriages she managed to become a mother. Perhaps the most difficult parting was the parting with Igor Petrenko - the second husband of Ekaterina Klimova. Not only that, at the end of their relationship, Catherine and Igor no longer loved each other, but before parting, Petrenko also deceived them by Catherine, which was a signal to the actress to leave her husband.

After some time after parting with Petrenko, Ekaterina Klimova began an affair with another colleague on the set of Gela Meskhi. A rather remarkable episode occurred shortly after the birth of the only common child Catherine and Gela - the daughter of Bella. Then Meskhi managed to fight Petrenko right on the set, and this despite the fact that Igor and Ekaterina had no romantic relationship at that time.

Today Catherine with a smile recalls that episode, recognizing that everything turned out in some way even funny. Gela Meskhi personally told her about the fight with Igor, specifying that both he and the directors on the set were satisfied with this fight.

“It happened on the set of the series. To be honest, it was funny. At that time, all our passions in relations with Igor Petrenko, fortunately, were already raging. I just gave birth to a daughter, Bella. Once I ask Gela: “Well, how was the shooting day?” And he replies that he had a fight with Petrenko. I say: “Did the director like it?” He replied that everyone was satisfied, ”Klimova said on the air of“ The Fates of a Man. ”

Earlier, Ekaterina Klimova described the moment when she learned about Petrenko’s deception.

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