Sep 4, 2022
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Ekaterina Klimova in a dress with a bare back admired the wasp waist


Actress and mother of four children, Ekaterina Klimova, appeared at the closing of the film festival in a spectacular outfit that emphasized her chiseled figure.

Ekaterina Klimova has always boasted a chiseled figure. However, for the red carpet of the MIFF, the artist did the almost impossible: the star brought her parameters closer to the model ones in order to show herself in a spectacular dress.

For the closing ceremony of the MIFF-2022, Ekaterina chose a rather revealing outfit. Klimova appeared in public in a luxurious maxi-length dress, the piquant details of which were a translucent fabric that imitates the complete absence of underwear, an impressive cutout on the back and a slit along the hem. Such an outfit favorably emphasized the waist of the star, which became even more chiseled and narrow!

Ekaterina Klimova
Ekaterina Klimova

What is the secret of the artist’s harmony, the fans did not find out, however, Ekaterina repeated more than once that her beauty is based on health care. In her opinion, any nuances of the figure are easy to correct, being completely healthy.

Of course, I try to take care of myself, eat right, exercise, but at the heart of all this is health. If a person takes care of his health, he already looks good, and all that remains is to correct the problems that exist, everyone has their own“, – said the star in an interview.

Ekaterina Klimova
Ekaterina Klimova

In addition, Klimova believes that others should not know about her problems in her personal life. The artist tries not to make everything public, preferring only to smile enigmatically at provocative questions, in her own opinion, “like Mona Lisa”.

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