Dec 27, 2020
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Ekaterina Klimova decided to teach her daughter English

Ekaterina Klimova decided to teach her daughter English

Actress Ekaterina Klimova teaches daughter Bella in foreign languages.

Most recently, mother of many children, Ekaterina Klimova, put on skates the youngest of the heirs, the five-year-old daughter Bella, whose father is the actor Gela Meskhi. The little girl liked the new lesson, and she confidently took the first steps.

Now Klimova decided to introduce the girl to her studies. And the star mom decided to start with a foreign language.

We decided to study English during the New Year holidays“, – Klimova shared her plans.

Klimova’s choice fell on online education – in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, this is the safest option. And Bella has already begun to learn English – the star showed the first lesson of her little student:

First lesson, mom whispers. And he adds: “We’re good at! “.

Bella listens carefully to what the teacher says to her, repeats the words, looks for the right colors. By the way, many stellar children from the first years of life begin to learn a foreign language. Platon Vitorgan, the son of Ksenia Sobchak, already speaks excellent Chinese at the age of four.

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