Oct 24, 2021
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Ekaterina Andreeva delighted with the young face in the photo after the bath


59-year-old presenter of Channel One, Ekaterina Andreeva, shared a photo without cosmetics and filters. She was imprinted in a haystack after a bath, causing the admiration of fans.

Yesterday, a photo of the host of the Vremya program on Channel One appeared on Instagram after her bath procedures. Ekaterina Andreeva poses for a photo in the hayloft. A TV star at her age will give odds to 30-year-old girls. Ekaterina does not have a single wrinkle.

And fans have long jokingly called Andreeva “the lady of the time” and a real “witch”. Otherwise, they cannot explain why at the age of 59, Catherine looks so young. Yesterday’s photo of the TV presenter again caused a flurry of comments with admiration and surprise of the audience of Catherine.

Ekaterina Andreeva
Ekaterina Andreeva

Stir hay, straw, steam room heat, get a blush, pacification, calmness, a desire to reflect. The temperature difference is hot-cold. As in life – white, black. But having fallen into this haystack, somehow problems and problems also fall somewhere and only the aroma of the steam room, brooms, hay and blush remain. Well, and the mood too, where can I do without it“, – the star of the First Channel commented on the photo.

Perfect facial features 😍 “,” What a beautiful girl! 🔥With light steam! 🌹 “,” The very tenderness. What is natural beauty … ..🙏 “,” Russian beauty❤️❤️❤️ “,” Unusual and divine Katerina“, Admire Andreeva’s fans in the comments.

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